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  1. Terminal A is a first come first serve service. Plans to park before noon. It filled up quickly for terminal A. I cannot answer about Terminal G.
  2. I have to agree with you. I like CocoCay but definitely not at the South beach. The sand on that area was feel like mud when you step on, water was cloudy all the time and has some weird smell in that area. Only 2 nice things there are "Snack Shack" close by and "Swim up Bar". We left after spent an hour there and came back to Chill Island where we belong. We did snorkeling there saw plenty of stingrays and fish.
  3. Thanks again for reply. We are planing to leave at 8 am from the hotel at Universal Orlando but now I worry. I also got the 1 p.m. check in time. Hopefully we do not get the bad traffic or bad weather that day.
  4. Thank you for info but Oh no!! What time did you arrive at the packing garage? We will be driving from Orlando to Miami port this coming Sunday for Oasis OTSs.
  5. When we was on Anthem at the beginning of this month the tribute band was " Slippery When Wet". It is "Bon Jovi" tribute band. They was sound better at 270 than in Music Hall. Recommend to go to 270 for their concert. Just check their website look like they will not be on Anthem because they will be on SC. Not sure what band will be on this coming cruise.
  6. I think you maybe right. I just checked my Cruise Planner and only the plan available is Surf and Stream.
  7. Hello There, The topic is related to my question so I just ask on this post. I will get some Internet access which I think only Surf with my Diamond status. My question is can I upgrade to Surf and stream at additional cost? If the answer is "Yes". Anyone did it and how much you paid for extra?
  8. Thank you for the reply. I feel a little better now. It happened to us last month in New Jersey, the garage was full by noon.
  9. The Royal Caribbean Terminal A garage looks large but with all of the large ships Royal has does it ever fill up? I don't want to plan to park there just to get told it's full and go look somewhere else. Thanks
  10. Yes, it depended from Bar to bar and bartender to bartender. My favorite drink Ice ice baby, Goombay smash, Passion Fruit spritz and Boston Ice Tea Party. On the past Anthem trip the best place to get the drink for me was 270 bar and The Pub. Other places was hit or miss. Either I not had a luck at the indoor pool bar or they was really not good, my drink came from there is not feel right.
  11. On some YouTuber posted said they don't get to see the aqua show because it was not finish when they was on the ship but might be old post. It is just for booking decision. I just started to cruise again after 3 years of pausing it and do not follow any cruise news. Nothing negative about this post so simply asked question. instead of get the simply answer you asked me back where I heard it from that is so weird???????
  12. Hello Everyone, Hope you all have a wonderful day. I have a question about Wonder Of The sea. I am thinking to book Wonder but I heard on a few posts stated that a few things is not finish yet. Anyone has information about when she will be finished.
  13. I don't have an answer because I have never done it. However, I suggest you to ask Royal Caribbean on Facebook if you have Facebook. Just send them a direct message. They answered the question really quick.
  14. It was not about go through immigration. It was about have to wait for 5 hours to get back on the ship for some people. My MIL had to wait 3+ hours to get back on the ship and she is 73.
  15. Ok!!! I am on the same cruise with you. My plan was to take the air boat but I had to cancel it because I don't know when the immigration check in will be completed. We ended up finished everything at 10:30 am which was really late. My mother inlaw was not want to get off the ship for Miami. So she had to wait for all this crazy situation. She ended up waiting for 3+ hours. By the way she is 73 years old. She also had to stand on her feet for a long while before Royal decided to get the chairs for everyone. We came back to the ship about 2:30 or 3 not remembering exactly and my MIL said she just got done with immigration not that long ago. That's not a great experience.
  16. Thank you for your reply. I will be on Anthem OTS this weekend. I will possible do "The Open end booking". I assume that I can transfer to MEI if it is not more than certain days, correct? Or I should put MEI as my agent right away?
  17. LOL!!!Yah!!! Still looking. Getting FOMO for sure.
  18. I mean if I want to book the family cabin that can sleep 5 people? Look like cannot book online correct?
  19. Wow!!! really expensive. I will pass it for now.
  20. Yes, we will be on the same cruise. This will be my first cruise since 2019. Booked Oasis for 2020 but had to cancel. Funny is I had never been use Uber or Lyft. Thinking the same thing that will possible staying on the ship for the Port Canaveral stop but not sure yet. For Miami I am thinking of "Little Havana" and "Air Boat". Thank you for answering my questions.
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