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  1. Just chatted with RCI Facebook page and so about the upgrades they said they hoped they would have some information soon and said before my August cruise there would be more upgrades what that all about.
  2. Yes just read that also can't wait for some pictures I wonder if they did anything to the GS at all.
  3. Used Allianz Global Assistance no claims.
  4. What amount of medical evacuation insurance is needed for a cruise to Canada/New England?
  5. Was on sister ship The Explorer and loved it and booked on Adventure to NE/Canada in August.
  6. So my understanding for my cruise in August as long as I pre-pay before final payment I will pay the old rate.
  7. So if I prepay them now before 1/2/18 for my upcoming cruise I will get the old rate?
  8. Update on web page problems. I called RCI and they were of no help what so ever. I then called C+A and talked to an agent who tried to help me but nothing worked he said he would make some notes and pass it on. I then got on RCI Facebook page and posted my problems there and in a very short time I got a message and ask for my email and loyalty number which I gave them. I got a message back saying they would open a ticket number and work on it. In the mean time I kept trying ways to get it to work and even though it did not work before I tried Firefox and the private window again and now my reservation shows up and I can access my reservation. Still not sure why it does not work by just going to the page but i will wait and see what answer I get back I hope this method continues to work. Will pass on what I get back from RCI.
  9. Called RCI this morning do not like to complain but no help what so ever kept saying it’s on my end that they never heard of the problem i am having right after saying they are having web site problems. It seem that when they put my info in there computer it works. I told them tried two different desk top computers and 3 different browsers and it does not for me. It used to work on my iPad but now I cannot open my cruise planner or reservation. It does show up on my laptop that I have this cruise for the dates but I can’t open it. I then called C+A and talked to a person who tried to help me but no matter what he told me to try it did not work. He also mentioned that they are having web site problems and added my concerns to them. Some time back this happened to me before can’t remember when but it only lasted like a day or so. At this point I don’t have a clue what’s going on just so frustrating.
  10. No it was the mid-2017 model I asked B+H they said they buy so many Computers from Apple they get good prices. B+H is a giant store in New York City they sell high end cameras also plus other electronics. It was the 21.5 iMac with 4K Display Mid 2017. Y0u can check at B+H.com its not selling for what I paid anymore it was 1179.00. You get free shipping also. Still can't log into my cruises on my computers I can of my Ipad which is strange.
  11. Ok I saw how to do that but still cannot log into my cruise I have booked.
  12. Royal's site seems to be much more picky than most. Being a Chrome user, I just use incognito mode to go there and thus no issues. How do you sign in incognito? Ed
  13. Tried Safari, Firefox and Opera no luck. I tried a different computer and no go. I now just tried my ipad and guess what I log in and it shows my cruise what the heck is going on. Did you buy it from Apple or another place I got mine thru B+H in New York City and saved a few hundred dollars.
  14. Well the web page is at it again I can't see the cruise I booked I wanted to get to the cruise planner. When i go to the part where it says if you don't see your reservation and put the information in and I keep getting we can't process your request. I called Royal and they can see my cruise. I tried 3 different web browsers. This is not the first time this has happened. Royal does not know why its happening anyone have any ideas. This is a new computer its an imac if that makes any difference. Ed
  15. Good information will be on the Adventure in August. We were on the Explorer so thing should be similar. It will have some more up grades by then also.
  16. Thanks for info was interesting. I guess I may be right then if Adventure is going into dry dock that would be the time to do it rather then pull it out of service at a later time. I guess we will see :)
  17. Thanks for that link Adventure is going into month long dry dock wonder if any of that stuff will be included in the up grades seems like a good time to do it.
  18. Does Adventure of the Seas have wow bands yet?
  19. I just got a price drop on our GS on Adventure of the seas for a Aug 24 2018 cruise. Drop was 112.00 and lost 100.00 of the 200.00 on board credit we had so I guess I am still 12.00 to the good :).
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