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  1. We want to watch the virtual fireworks at 11:00 and we are back at Two 70, front row, waiting for the Karaoke finals to begin.
  2. Today is our last day. We are currently sitting in Two 70 waiting for the virtual symphony to begin. Today we did IFly and there are no photos since we all did it. Tomorrow is my 57th birthday and I loved it! The staff was amazing. We are all packed and will put the luggage out before dinner.
  3. Unfortunately they tried that...shortly after, “well the terms of service tells you this could happen...”. It is no big deal for me but if it is an iOS 11.3 issue and people have not installed the latest update I think they should wait. We had an amazing cruise and this did not impact me at all!
  4. I had wished I knew about the iOS issue because I have a work cell that is an android and I would have brought that phone with me. Although I do think the issues this week may be beyond an iPhone problem. This was the last 20 minutes in the Grande.
  5. Since these envelopes say they are for gratuities I should hand them out? There are only two of them.
  6. Yes, there have been some grumblings that the outbreak is pretty bad but yesterday morning, the last time I was in the Windjammer, they were still allowing guests to serve themselves. Our brewery tour was missing almost 1/3 of the tour and there are lots of Facebook posts that are sick and angry (a very bad combo). They are scrubbing walls and our Northstar Time was delayed due to a clean out of the pod. So far so good for us!
  7. I did a search of this forum and cannot find a thread. I apologize if my search skills are lacking and I have missed this. We received wow envelopes. Do you leave them in the stateroom or do you hand them to the staff you would like to give extra to?
  8. This was the same menu on the Antem last night.
  9. I looked this week and I do not think I saw the Caesar wedge once! The Caesar salad was repeated a few times but there have been a couple of other salads as well.
  10. I am on the Anthem right now. It has been announced that a survey would be coming and please give a high score. The dining room manager stopped by our table last night and asked if we were happy and if we would give 10s. He also asked for each of us to fill out the survey. I will say, we are thrilled with the food and service in the main dining room so no one had to ask us.
  11. I have been so impressed with the shows on this ship! We saw Spectra’s and We Will Rock You yesterday. We also went to the Music Hall a number of times this trip including last night and a late night comedy show. Yesterday was the North Star, I know there are hundreds of these photos but here are mine.
  12. I am not really sure. There are times when I go to my settings and under “Royal WiFi” it says in orange letters: no internet connection. The whole ship has a complete dead zone for all phones: the Schooner Bar. I just did a search for the terms of Zoom but they told me it is reported in the terms. They tried resetting all of my settings and it did not work.
  13. It seems to be an iOS 11.3 issue.
  14. I was surprised too. The rest of my family did not download the last iOS update and they have not had as many issues as I have.
  15. Anthem of the Sea, which may be just the most recent update issue?
  16. I tried to work with the Zoom technician to connect my iPhone this week. Text messages seem to work but everything else is a challenge. My iPhone and iPad are running the latest iOS and Zoom does not work with it on a consistent basis. They said it was in the “terms and conditions”.
  17. We used some onboard credit on lunch today at Izumi.
  18. Today is a busy day. We are scheduled to see We will Rock You, Spectra’s Cabaret, and weather permitting- the North Star. We are heading back north. Here are a few photo’s from our balcony yesterday.
  19. Our final stop was across from the docks. It is the only craft beer factory on the island. A pretzel was the food item.
  20. The second stop on this brewery tour was an Art Gallery. Jamie bought the food dish (chicken wings) at the first stop.
  21. Today is our scheduled Nassau day. We booked a brewery tour. We really enjoyed the tour. I don’t know how to post text between photos? Our tour guide was Jamie. There were only five of us on the tour since there in the group were sick on the boat. This is a walking tour and at each stop we were to sample three beers. I believe they were 4 oz pours, but at the middle stop we needed to drink all of the beer so there were refills. The first stop was here and was accompanied by conch fritters.
  22. This was in tonight’s Cruise Compass. Norovirus has been going around.
  23. I remembered a blog post on Junkanoo Beach. The directions were perfect and we spent some time there this afternoon.
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