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  1. The price of a Royal Caribbean cruise should be the same across the board (minus any booking incentives). Make sure they are quoting you a price that includes taxes and port fees. Just want to make sure you aren't misled but I usually book for onboard credit and whatever other booking incentives I can find.
  2. I had a similar experience with cruising a different line as well. Never again
  3. Hope you dont mind, I split up the post here so you can post all your live blog posts in this thread and gave it a title
  4. Entertainment and food are highly subjective things on cruise ships. As an example, are the nightly shows going to compare well to the shows on Oasis of the Seas? Perhaps not but there are still entertaining options to see. I think a strength of Royal Caribbean is their live music, especially in the evening so seek that out while you're onboard for some fun. I can't comment directly on the entertainment on Rhapsody since I haven't been, but I'd keep an open mind and hope for the best :)
  5. I'd start with a google search of "island name excursions". So as an example, try googling "Venuatu excursions" (no quotes) and click a few links. You will probably see a trend of the same 4-6 excursions popping up as most common, which is usually a good indicator of what is popular and/or a good idea to do on the island.
  6. Just posted my review of Seaview Cafe here: http://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2013/10/14/restaurant-review-seaview-cafe Sadly, Seaview Cafe's days are numbered and will be replaced by specialty restaurants. Am I the only one that will sorely miss this fine establishment?
  7. I was thinking about this and a 4-day cruise would seem much too short. Of course, I don't know how anyone can really enjoy a 3-day cruise unless it's their very first cruise.
  8. November 2013 26 - rekkie (Radiance of the Seas) December 2013 21 - CruisinTexan (Serenade of the Seas) February 2014 11 - trainer.stan (Rhapsody of the Seas) 14 - rekkie (Radiance of the Seas) April 2014 5 - bcarney (Oasis of the Seas) May 2014 12 - Don (Serenade of the Seas) September 2014 12 - greenline627 (Grandeur of the Seas) October 2014 15 - ChrisTravel2114 (Oasis of the Seas) March 2015 21 - Matt (Quantum of the Seas Royal Caribbean Blog Group Cruise!) 21 - RCKRZR (Quantum of the Seas Royal Caribbean Blog Group Cruise!)
  9. Wow, the Nimitz? Not Royal Caribbean but still sounds like a fun experience
  10. Depends on the ship and itinerary but most 7-night cruises I've been on, the first formal night is the second night
  11. To get your shareholder credit, try calling whoemever you booked your cruise with and asking about the benefit.
  12. Regarding shore excursions, I recommend using TripAdvisor and CruiseCritic as good ways to find popular and under-reported things to do there. For the premium drink package, soda and juices are included (but not the fresh squeezed OJ in the Windjammer). Regarding dance, live bands can be found onboard quite often. In fact, most music is live so check the Cruise Compass for what's available.
  13. Is it time for my next Royal Caribbean cruise yet???

  14. More info: http://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2013/10/09/royal-caribbean-will-give-double-crown-and-anchor-points-solo-cruisers Makes sense to me since solo cruisers pay double usual rate (single supplement fee) so why not get the points for 2 people?
  15. I cant recall a time when multiple classes of ships were being built at same time. In the past, it's been a class at a time so overlap like this isn't something I remember occurring.
  16. In terms of bucket list items I think I have a realistic chance of doing, this is one of them for me too
  17. Okay, this might be an Australian slang term but what is "streaky bacon"? :)
  18. I do believe larger ships will make there way to Asia/Australia just because all these new ships coming online are going to force other ships elsewhere. So question is will it be Independence or maybe some of the other Voyager class ships.
  19. Good question, as well as the name for Quantum 3. Both Oasis 3 and Quantum 3 are scheduled for "mid-2016". I believe the problem is from a PR standpoint. Royal Caribbean wants to maximize exposure for all its new ships so it can get he most press possible and right now it's all about Quantum of the Seas. I'm sure they are waiting for an opportune time to make name announcements.
  20. I tend to agree with what you said. When it comes to how to tour places, I like his advice of not settling for super-touristy stuff but his view on cruising is certainly dated, to say the least.
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