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How Royal Caribbean will let you take advantage of a price drop up until 48 hours before your cruise

13 May 2020
Matt Hochberg

Last week Royal Caribbean expanded the option to take advantage of a price drop up until 48 hours before the start of the cruise.

The Best Price Guarantee allows guests to take advantage of a better price up to 48 hours before your sail date. If there is a better price, you can contact your travel agent or Royal Caribbean and have the new price applied.

If there is a price drop and you re-price the cruise, you will receive the difference as a non-refundable onboard credit inside final payment or rate adjustment outside final payment.

This is significant because prior to this announcement, once guests hit final payment date, it was not practical to make price changes past the final payment date.

The Best Price Guarantee is part of Royal Caribbean's Cruise with Confidence program, that aims to offer guests more flexibility and assurance that they can cancel or rebook if they so change their mind later.

Like other aspects of the Cruise with Confidence program, the Best Price Guarantee covers sailings departing on or before April 30, 2022.

Best Price Guarantee FAQs

If I am issued onboard credit, when will I get it?

The difference in pricing will be added to the booking as an onboard credit and it’ll be applied within 14 business days, and a new confirmation will be generated with the Onboard Credit value.

If there is a price reduction, will it automatically be applied to my reservation?

No, pricing will remain unchanged unless you contact your travel agent or Royal Caribbean to reprice the reservation.

If I reprice my cruise under Best Price Guarantee, will I be able to keep promotional onboard credits previously confirmed on the reservation?

When you re-price a cruise, you accept the new promotional incentives, which replace any onboard credit or promos that came with the previous booking.

Do all rate codes qualify for Best Price Guarantee?

Select restricted rates are ineligible for Lift & Shift and Best Price Guarantee - including but not limited to Net rates, Casino rates, Travel Agent Friends & Family rates, Travel Agent Reduced rates, and complimentary staterooms.