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In search of the most comfortable chairs on Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas

20 Aug 2015

Imagine you are onboard Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas and you are in dire need of somewhere to go to sit back and relax.  

Maybe it is to enjoy a drink or finish that book you brought with you. Regardless, you need to go somewhere that offers the most comfortable chairs to facilitate your relaxation. 

We literally walked all over Freedom of the Seas to find that perfect chair for you.  And to be honest, we were surprised by the answer we found!

Honorable mention: Loyalty ambassador lounge

Now that Royal Caribbean has moved the NextCruise operations down to the Royal Promenade on Freedom of the Seas, the Loyalty Ambassador lounge is far less busy than it used to be and those blue leather chairs are a good spot for a nice sit.

For most of our cruise, this area was rarely busy and you can enjoy a nice view out to the Royal Promenade, while being surrounded by Royal Caribbean imagery.

The seats here are worn in, so it is easy to sink right in and get comfortable.  During the day, this is a nice spot to get away from everyone else.

Third place: Olive or Twist Lounge

If you want a view with your comfortable chair, then head all the way up to the Viking Crown for the chairs in the Olive or Twist Lounge.

Located up on Deck 14 in the aft of the ship, there are chairs and couches to choose from and they are all made from a very comfortable cloth material.

The best reason to get comfortable at the Olive or Twist Lounge is for the views of the top decks of Freedom of the Seas.  It can be the perfect spot to people watch.

During the day, it is usually quiet and not a lot of guests around but business picks up at night.

Second place: R-Bar

When Royal Caribbean added the R-Bar lounge to Freedom of the Seas, they did not just add the most popular new bar in the fleet but an array of comfortable chairs too!

Frankly, I love the eclectic style of the chairs, with some being low back loungers, couches and even chairs that look like something Dr. Evil would sit in.  

And then of course there is the "picture frame chair", which is always a hit.  Not only is it comfortable, but you can take fun photos!

Like Olive or Twist, this area is quiet in the day time but from dinner time onwards, it will be busy and packed.  Bring the books for daylight hours only.

First place: Vintages

If you want the most comfortable chairs on Freedom of the Seas, head over to the Royal Promenade and sit yourself down in Vintages wine bar.

All the chairs and couches come with a ton of extra padding and it just makes for the best sitting experience you can ask for.  Try for the couches in the back for optimal seating.

Strangely, Vintages is never busy, even at night.  Perhaps people think they only serve wine here keeps many guests away (they have beer and other beverage options too).