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Interviews with Jewel of the Seas staff members

30 Aug 2013

If you like taking a look "behind the curtain" of how a Royal Caribbean ship works, then check out these two interviews TravelXena posted with the Food & Beverage Director and the Staff Captain from Jewel of the Seas.

On a recent cruise, both crew members took some time to answer questions about their day to day work aboard this beautiful Radiance class ship.

Staff Captain Kate McHue shared a little bit about the exciting and challenging parts of her day when she's on duty.

"Every day is different. Every day is a different port. You wake up and there’s a different situation you have to handle, there’s a different emergency there are different people. That’s probably the most challenging and the most interesting part of this job. Never have the same day twice. That was one of those things that I wanted to get out of the office from. It was getting a little redundant."

Food & Beverage Director Tony Fitzsimmons, who has been working on cruise ships for 28 years, shared some insight for anyone who is considering working on a Royal Caribbean ship.

"I’d tell them (about) sometimes the heartache of being away from home if anything happens. And the actual blessing that you’re going to be amongst people of good nature and good character and all working together for one particular aim and that’s to make the guests happy."

You can read the full interviews with Tony and Kate on the TravelXena site.