Could Royal Caribbean be bidding for the naming rights of Florida Marlins new stadium?


A story speculating about the possible name of the new baseball stadium that is set to open next year for the Florida Miami Marlins names Royal Caribbean as a possible contender.  

The Florida Marlins currently play in Dolphins Stadium in Miami, Florida but managed to get a new stadium built that will open for the 2012 baseball season.  Like any new stadium, the naming rights are sold to a corporation to make some extra money to cover expenses and a number of Miami based companies are in consideration currently.

The Marlins have said a deal is in the "final stages of completion" and the companies talking to the Marlins are "multinational companies that are looking to get their name in Miami," according to Marlins senior vice president of communications P.J. Loyello.

Considering the "multinational" approach, the field suddenly expands to a broader one but it might still include the favorites thought by many to be Bacardi (a local corporation; producer of rum) and even a cruise ship company perhaps Royal Caribbean, Norwegian or Carnival (all have headquarters in South Florida).