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Royal Caribbean donates pillows and mattresses to charity


Royal Caribbean has teamed up with Orlando, Florida based Mustard Seed to help donate its mattresses, pillows and other cruise ship to charity.

Mustard Seed is an organization that specializes in giving furniture and clothing to victims of natural disasters and personal tragedies.

Royal Caribbean has been in negotiations with Mustard Seed since January, according to Mustard Seed Executive Director Michelle Lyles.  With the deal signed, Royal Caribbean delivered 1200 mattresses at Port Canaveral to the non-profit agency.

Lyles is excited about the new partnership, “Royal Caribbean has done so much in the community and with the environment,  We appreciate our partnership with Monarch of the Seas and Freedom of the Seas to divert mattresses and furniture items that were heading to the landfill towards families who need help. It’s just one more way how both Royal Caribbean and The
Mustard Seed are helping to improve the lives of people in our community".

Rodolfo Villasmil, Corporate Environmental Commodity Manager for Royal Caribbean adds: “We know that clean oceans are good for the environment and good for our guests, so we strive to achieve the highest possible standards of environmental and community stewardship; and we are happy to work with The Mustard Seed to be a responsible partner in keeping our earth safe and clean.”