Quantum of the Seas

Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas is the newest cruise ship in the fleet and began offering her first cruises in November 2014.

Video: The nuts and bolts of building Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas


Here's a quick video looking at Royal Caribbean's newest ship, Quantum of the Seas, under construction at Meyer Werft Shipyard in Papenburg, Germany. A precise, efficient process ensures that Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas will be delivered on time and ready to WOW guests.

Quantum of the Seas construction photo update


Blog reader Niclas Jakob had the opportunity recently to check out construction progress of Royal Caribbean's newest cruise ship, Quantum of the Seas, at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany.

He took a few photos to share. Enjoy!

Video: Royal Caribbean and Meyer Werft Take Ship Building to the Next Level


Royal Caribbean and Meyer Werft have joined forces again to build Quantum of the Seas & Anthem of the Seas. This collaborative partnership has led to new levels in shipbuilding.

Royal Caribbean VP hints at dining options for Quantum of the Seas


Royal Caribbean Executive Vice President of Operations Lisa Lutoff-Perlo hinted in a blog post a couple of dining options making their debut first on Navigator of the Seas that we can expect to see on Royal Caribbean's brand new ship, Quantum of the Seas.

Lutoff-Perlo writes, "Meanwhile, Navigator of the Seas’ guests will be the first to get a sneak peek of some of the dining options making their debut on Quantum of the Seas this fall.  Guests on board Navigator will be among the first to enjoy the fully revamped Chops Grille: The New American Steakhouse, featuring traditional steakhouse offerings with a contemporary flair.  Chops Grille on Navigator of the Seas will showcase brand new selections, such as the Veal Chop Parmesan and a Slow-braised Short Rib of Beef with Bordelaise sauce."

Royal Caribbean has been quiet regarding the dining choices coming to Quantum of the Seas and this is the first indication that we will likely see Chops Grille onboard and its new menu.  

Chops Grille has been a staple of Royal Caribbean cruise ships fleetwide, so it's inclusion on Quantum of the Seas is hardly a surprise but one more piece in the puzzle for guests trying to get a sense of everything that will be on the new ship.

Video: Quantum of the Seas adviser Dhani Jones explores activities onboard


Quantum of the Seas adviser Dhani Jones has a new video out today that shows him exploring activities to bring aboard Royal Caribbean's next cruise ship, Quantum of the Seas.

Quantum of the Seas cruise port construction halted


Preliminary construction of the new cruise port facility in Bayonne, New Jersey was halted on Friday after it was discovered plans for the port makeover included the removal of hundreds of memorial pavers that surround the September 11 "teardrop" memorial.

Residents were "outraged" according to NJ.com, after learning the $50 million project would include the "temporary" removal of about 300 pavers.

Frank Perrucci, chairman of the Sept. 11 Bayonne Remembers Committee, said he was told by workers at the site that the construction project would cut through a portion of Harborview Park -- where the "To the Struggle Against World Terrorism" memorial is located --  and would mean the "temporary" removal of about 300 pavers.

The memorial will not be affected and workers indicated that the pavers would be put back into place when the construction is complete in May.

The cruise port makeover includes a new Cape Liberty Cruise Port terminal building, a parking garage, an overflow paved parking area and berth improvements on land owned by Port Authority.

Video: Genevieve Gorder Episode 3: Bringing design details to Quantum of the Seas in the shipyard


Quantum Experience Advisor, Genevieve Gorder, is back today with a new webisode detailing her trip to Papenburg, Germany, with Royal Caribbean's newbuild and design team to see Quantum of the Seas first hand and finalize the last few details for the Lofts and Suites.

Cathelco to protect Quantum of the Seas' hull and seawater pipework systems


Royal Caribbean has tapped Cathelco to help protect Quantum of the Seas' hull and seawater pipework systems.

The Cathelco pipework anti-fouling systems will protect a total of 20 seachests on each vessel serving extensive shipboard equipment including freshwater evaporators, reverse osmosis systems, air conditioning chillers and sea water cooling pumps. The AF system will also protect a number of fire fighting pumps and their associated pipework.

In addition, all Quantum class ships will be supplied with Cathelco impressed current cathodic protection systems (ICCP) which safeguards the hull surfaces against corrosion. 

The 250 amp forward system will have an arrangement of two 125 C-Max disc anodes and reference electrodes wired to a thyristor control panel and mounted port and starboard. The more powerful 350 amp aft system will have two 175 amp C-Max disc anodes and reference electrodes. C-Max anodes are compact, lightweight and have the advantage of being diver changeable for easy replacement without drydocking.

Quantum of the Seas is currently under construction in Meyer Werft ship yard in Papenburg, Germany. Quantum is due for delivery in autumn 2014 with sister ship Anthem of the Seas to follow in the spring of 2015.

Top 5 things we want to know about Quantum of the Seas


We're still about 10 months away from the debut of Royal Caribbean's brand new cruise ship, Quantum of the Seas and like so many of our readers, I just can't wait to see everything this ship has to offer.  Royal Caribbean has been holding back some details about the ship to help build up the excitement so today we're going to list the top five things we're excited to finally hear about.

5. Floor plans

Royal Caribbean is launching new cabin configurations for Quantum of the Seas and many cruises are curious just what these new staterooms will look like.

Solo cabins, new superior grand suite and a new family suite are among the new cabin categories we can expect but have no information as to how these rooms are laid out.  

Luckily virtual balcony cabins will get the big reveal soon when Navigator of the Seas debuts them in February 2014.

4. Itineraries past April 2015

Since Royal Caribbean announced the initial cruise sailings for Quantum of the Seas, we haven't heard anything about any cruises beyond that set and already people want to plan their summer and winter 2015 cruises.

As many cruisers know, booking well in advance is a good way to lock in the best price as well as the stateroom location they want, so opening up the bookings is something many are looking forward to so they can get their taste of Quantum of the Seas.

3. Shows and other onboard entertainment

Royal Caribbean did announce the Mamma Mia is coming to Quantum of the Seas back in November but otherwise, there's been no word on onboard entertainment.  

We do know there will be a show in the evenings at Two70 and that it will be a Cirque du Soleil inspired show.  But little else is known about the entertainment onboard.  Many guests love the shows and events onboard their Royal Caribbean cruises, so this is something a lot of people are looking forward to hearing about.

From stage shows to comedians to magic shows, there's a lot going on and a hint at what we can expect to see and do each evening of our cruise is going to be a big draw.  After all, Royal Caribbean has been raising the bar in terms of onboard entertainment for many years now so I think cruisers are excited to see what's coming next to the stage.

2. Dining & Specialty Restaurants

It's all about food, isn't it?  The food onboard are a highlight of the overall cruise experience for a lot of people (myself included) so which specialty restaurants will be offered on Quantum of the Seas is a big deal.

Which existing Royal Caribbean specialty restaurants will make the cut and which new restaurants will be added?  We already know about Navigator of the Seas getting Sabor Modern Mexican, is this also destined for Quantum of the Seas?

Royal Caribbean has spent a lot of money over the years refining their dining experiences, paid and complimentary, so I think many of us have high expectations to be WOWed by what Quantum of the Seas can offer to eat.

1.  Other cool surprises

My gut feeling is that Royal Caribbean is far from done trying to WOW us with what to expect on Quantum of the Seas.  This is a company that is always looking to out do themselves, so I'm most excited to read about what amazing new innovations are also coming to Quantum of the Seas.

Perhaps some of these surprises will be covered in the questions asked earlier, but whatever surprises come our way will help shape the direction of Quantum of the Seas and help make this ship stand out in a very competitive market.

With so much of the ship still under wraps, I'm hoping Royal Caribbean has a few tricks up their sleeves to bring the WOW they are famous for and build the excitement even further.

VIDEO: How mock-ups help Royal Caribbean designers build Quantum of the Seas


There's a new Quantum of the Seas video today where Royal Caribbean designers explain how mock-ups of this brand new cruise ship help them ensure a seamless guest experience and a more efficient, cost effective building process.