Quantum of the Seas

Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas is the newest cruise ship in the fleet and began offering her first cruises in November 2014.

Quantum of the Seas Listener Cruise Review


Back in episode 72 we previewed listener Victor Sacal’s cruise on the brand new Quantum of the Seas. Victor is returning to the podcast this week to discuss how his cruise went and to share some great tips about this brand new ship. We’ve also got lots of great emails to share.

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Show Notes

Video: Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas crew share their reaction to this new cruise ship


After months in the making, the crew of Quantum of the Seas finally gets to experience the smartship in all her glory. Her first crew shares their initial reactions to the newest and most technologically advanced addition to the Royal Caribbean fleet.

Quantum of the Seas sets broadcast record for IP TV channels in HD


Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas has had a lot of firsts but not to be overlooked is the fact Royal Caribbean's newest ship has also set a benchmark in the broadcasting industry.

Royal Caribbean chose VSM by L-S-B Broadcast Technologies for all of the on-board digital broadcasting requirements of the ship, which is the first to feature 36 on-board IPTV-channels in HD, broadcasting from various locations on board.

Controlling all the broadcasts onboard Quantum of the Seas is the Broadcast Control Center.  This is where the incoming and outgoing signals are controlled, switched and processed. Signals stemming from 20 satellite receivers, from the event locations or self-produced footage are collected. Further control rooms are in use in the various event locations.

Ten to 15 of the IPTV channels will be reserved for self-produced content on-board the vessel and all audio, video and intercom signals are being distributed on the ship via a Riedel MediorNet network with 30 nodes – currently the biggest fixed MediorNet installation worldwide.

Photos from New Years Eve on Quantum of the Seas


Happy new year! Royal Caribbean celebrates the new year on all of its ships but this year was the first time the holiday was celebrated on its newest ship, Quantum of the Seas.

Quantum of the Seas offered free champagne, dance parties and even a live broadcast by CNN to show off what a fun time this ship was.

Friend of the blog Brian Altschul shared these photos from last night's festivities on the ship. Enjoy!

Quantum of the Seas to be featured on CNN's New Years Eve celebration


How about a little Royal Caribbean to ring in the New Year? 

Tonight at 9pm ET/8pm CT, Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas will be featured as part of New Year's Eve with Anderson Cooper, Kathy Griffin and Randy Kaye on CNN.

There's no word if Quantum of the Seas will be on exactly at 9pm or later during the coverage.

Video: Exploring the Royal Esplanade on Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas


Enjoy shopping, dining and entertainment?  Then you'll want to check out the Royal Esplanade on Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas.

Centered at the heart of the ship, the Royal Esplanade and The Via include highlights such as Cartier, Kiehl's, BVLGARI and Hublot. 

Video: Royal Caribbean naming ceremony celebrates historic maritime tradition


Quantum of the Seas' naming ceremony  featured godmother Kristin Chenoweth and rth Harp musician, William Close.

Royal Caribbean reveals prices for new fast Quantum of the Seas Wi-Fi


Royal Caribbean revealed prices for its new Wi-Fi aboard Quantum of the Seas that promises to deliver the same kind of speed you would find on land.

On a recent 8-night sailing, cruiser Emily Schaffer took notice of the internet packages that were available.

The internet packages are broken down into three tiers for the duration of your cruise:

  • Basic cruise plan
    • Useful for checking in for flights, checking email and other scenarios where speed isn't important
  • Premium cruise plan
    • Four times the speed of the basic plan and ideal for social media, email, Skype, and more
  • Premium Plus cruise plan
    • Fastest speeds that let you do it all - live video calls, stream movies, download large files and more.

Here are the prices for this particular cruise:

  • Basic cruise plan
    • Hourly plan (60 minutes used anytime): $20
    • Daily plan (24 hours of continuous access): $65
    • Unlimited for 1 device: $183
    • Unlimited for 2 devices: $229
  • Premium cruise plan
    • Hourly plan (60 minutes used anytime): $25
    • Daily plan (24 hours of continuous access): $76
    • Unlimited for 1 device: $224
    • Unlimited for 2 devices: $280
  • Premium Plus cruise plan
    • Hourly plan (60 minutes used anytime): $35
    • Daily plan (24 hours of continuous access): $114
    • Unlimited for 1 device: $320
    • Unlimited for 2 devices: $400

Photos by Emily Schaffer

Royal Caribbean does offer discounts to Crown and Anchor Society members that are automatically applied to any package purchased.

The new internet speeds are made possible by a partnership with O3b, which have low-orbitting satellites that provide targeted internet directly at each ship, rathern than blanketing an area with access.

Video: Jamie's Italian opens on Quantum of the Seas


Royal Caribbean's brand new Quantum of the Seas is the home of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's newest restaurant, Jamie's Italian.

From the restaurants signature planks of Italian antipasti to delicate handmade pasta, this new restaurant is a must try for foodies.

Quantum of the Seas makes inaugural call to Nassau, Bahamas


Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas made her first visit ever to Nassau, Bahamas on Thanksgiving Day last week.

Photo by The Bahamas Weekly

To commemorate the occasion, a special ceremony was held on the ship.  

Director General of Tourism Joy Jibrilu commented on the long history between The Bahamas and Royal Caribbea, "Royal Caribbean has been docking out shores for 44 years, beginning in 1970 with the Song of Norway just six years following the establishment of Tourism as the primary industry for economic development within The Bahamas."

“As time progressed, The Bahamas became the model and leader in the Western Hemisphere, and Royal Caribbean has stayed with us throughout these years. Our Tourism sector has grown by leaps and bounds and similarly, so have you – your first ship, the Song of Norway at 18,000 tons in 1970 and now the Quantum of the Seas weighing in at 169,000 tons, a mere increase of 151,000 tons."

"The expanse and the vested interest Royal Caribbean has maintained in The Bahamas assures that Royal Caribbean has its place in The Bahamas Tourism archives and we are happy that you are our friend and partner."

The ship’s master Captain Srecko Ban said officials of the ship are very proud to bring the unique to Nassau.

“We thank you for your great hospitality,” he said. “We will be coming to your fine port throughout the winter until May. We look forward to a successful partnership in the future,” he said.