99 days of Quantum: Cruise Planner


We're counting down the days until Royal Caribbean's next cruise ship debuts, Quantum of the Seas, with our 99 days of Quantum countdown. Each day we will post something about this amazing new ship.

Cruise Planner

Royal Caribbean has updated its Cruise Planner part of its website to make a simple and powerful means of preparing for your cruise.

Cruise Planner allows you to research and book reservations for Quantum of the Seas Dynamic Dining offerings, shore excursions, spa appointments and more, courtesy of its new and easy‑to‑use website.

The new Cruise Planner starts out with My Calendar, which automatically populates itself with reservations you make. Each day of your trip is listed and broken down by location, date, arrival and departure times and what has been reserved by guests. It's a snapshot view of what your vacation looks like, reserved in advance the way you want it.

Cruise Planner has also simplified other aspects fo the cruise planning, including dining reservations, shore excursions and spa treatments.  Royal Caribbean aimed to make reserving these options simple and quick.

Cruise Planner is accessible on your tablet or computer after you've booked your cruise.

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Royal Caribbean petitioning Vietnam to keep cruise ship casinos open


Royal Caribbean vice president John Tercek met with Vietnamese officials in early September to ask permission to keep the casinos, souvenir shops and other services open after the cruise ships dock at Vietnamese ports.

Royal Caribbean is planning to increase its business in Vietnamese ports.  They are aiming to bring 25,000 cruisers a year with bigger cruise ships visiting Chan May Port in Thua Thien – Hue province.

After cruise ships dock at Vietnamese ports, many passengers opt to stay on the ship and the cruise line would like to offer more entertainment onboard.

The reason for the ban is a result of government conerns regarding smuggling.

99 days of Quantum: Gatsby


To countdown the launch of Royal Caribbean's newest cruise ship, Quantum of the Seas, we're blogging about one aspect of the ship each day for 99 days. Check back each day for something exciting to read about this new ship.


For nighttime entertainenment, how about a party that is a throwback to the roaring 1920s, when decadence was king?  Royal Caribbean has created a completely new party it's calling Gatsby.

Gatsby takes place in Two70 and will see the room transformed into a celebration that will make you feel like you're a character in the famous novel.  

You will find specialty cocktails that were inspired by the era as well as a live DJ to play the right blend of music.

Royal Caribbean will encourage guests to dress up to add to the feeling that they stepped out of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel.  Dressing up is optional but if you elect do so, you will feel like you're really part of the fun.

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Friday Photos


This week's batch of beautiful Royal Caribbean photos is here and it's always fun to share with all of you the great photos our readers take while on their cruise vacation.

The photos we have to show this week are fun and of course anyone can send us their Royal Caribbean photos to use as well!

First up this week is a photo by Paul Westbrook of the moon over the Eastern Caribbean on Freedom of the Seas.  Great shot!

Crenn Tive sent us this photo of early sunday morning on Monarch of the Seas from September 2012.  Early morning is always a great time to get photos without lots of other people in there.

Here's a photo of Labadee with Independence of the Seas sent to us by Kristen Schad.  I have yet to see a photo of Labadee I didn't love!

We're going back to 2008 for this photo from Jan-Arild Knutsen of Splendour of the Seas in the Canary Islands.  Memories...like the corner of my mind....

Lastly we have this photo of Liberty of the Seas by Ken Slusser docked in Cozumel.  Ken notes this was the cruise that started his "cruise fest" that brought him to quite a number of cruises today.  

Do you have Royal Caribbean photos that you want to share?  We'd love to feature them so send them in by using our nifty submission form and maybe your photos will show up in next week's edition!

99 days of Quantum: Michael’s Genuine Pub


We're counting down the days until Quantum of the Seas debuts later this year with our 99 days of Quantum blog series. Each day we will post something about Quantum of the Seas to share with all of you!

Michael’s Genuine Pub

The idea behind Michael's Genuine Pub is simple: fresh food and drink without complication.  

Michael’s Genuine Pub will be the first American gastropub at sea, brought to you by James Beard Award-winning chef Michael Schwartz.

Michael Schwartz created the restaurant with the concept of taking simple ingredients from the best artisanal producers and combining them in a friendly setting passengers will want to go to.  You will also find craft beers, such as the chef’s own classic American ale, Michael’s Genuine Home Brew.

If beer isn't your thing, you will also find a finely curated list of wine, cocktails and spirits, including bourbon whiskey flights.

Michael's Genuine Pub was created to feel cozy, yet lively.  It's the kind of place to stop in for a midday bite or have a few drinks in the evening while feeling relaxed all the time.

Of course, Royal Caribbean fans should recognize the chef's name.  Michael Schwartz first pioneered the seasonal, farm-to-table menu for the signature 150 Central Park restaurants onboard the Oasis-class ships.

Chef Schwartz is the chef/owner of The Genuine Hospitality Group, with restaurants including Michael's Genuine Food & Drink Miami (Est. 2006), Michael's Genuine Food & Drink Grand Cayman (Est. 2010), Harry’s Pizzeria (Est. 2011), The Cypress Room (Est. 2013), and Restaurant Michael Schwartz (Est. 2013).

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99 days of Quantum: Quantum of the Seas navigates the River Ems


Each day we are posting a brand new blog post to countdown until Royal Caribbean launches its newest cruise ship, Quantum of the Seas. There's a lot to get excited about on this amazing ship and we're highlighting it all.

Quantum of the Seas navigates the River Ems

As she nears completion, Quantum of the Seas makes her way from the shipyard where she is built to the North Sea via the narrow River Ems. To tackle the challenge and ensure a successful conveyance, shipbuilder Meyer Werft and Royal Caribbean International follow some important criteria including waiting for ideal tidal conditions, shrinking power lines and removing bridges.

We have a new video to share showcasing what it took to move Quantum of the Seas on the River Ems.

Taking better cruise photos on Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast


Our newest podcast episode is out to help give you a quick "audio escape" to a Royal Caribbean cruise!

Episode 61 is available for downloading and this week we are sharing ways to help you take better photos on your Royal Caribbean cruise.

Matt is joined by Ryan to dicsuss tips and strategies for taking better cruise vacation photos so you can save those special memories forever.

Here’s the podcast page for Episode 61. And don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast via RSSStitcher or on iTunes!

Take a listen and as always, let us know what you think! Please rate and review the podcast on iTunes and leave your comments below!

Royal Caribbean awards Holler its social media business


Royal Caribbean's social media presence will be managed by Holler following a review of its social media strategy, according to Campaign.

By going with Holler, Royal Caribbean will use one company only instead of its previous strategy of splitting the work among different agencies.

Royal Caribbean’s $90 million global advertising account is handled by a WPP group comprising JWT and Mindshare, based in New York. 

99 days of Quantum: Conveyance timelapse video


There's less than 99 days until Royal Caribbean's brand new Quantum of the Seas debuts and we're counting down each day with a brand new blog post all about this amazing ship. Check into the blog every day for something new to read about Quantum of the Seas.

Conveyance timelapse video

What happenes when you combine a timelapse video and Royal Caribbean's newest cruise ship? The coolest 30 second video ever!

Royal Caribbean released a timelapse video of Quantum of the Seas' conveyance and is pretty cool to watch. Enjoy!

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99 days of Quantum: Hybrid scrubbers


We're counting down to the 99 days until Royal Caribbean's newest cruise ship, Quantum of the Seas, launches with a brand new blog post every day. Be sure to check back for something new everyday here.

Hybrid scrubbers

Royal Caribbean has been committed to reducing its cruise ships global footprint and laws around the world are requiring cruise ships to be more eco-friendly so Quantum of the Seas will be able to meet both needs.

Onboard Quantum of the Seas are new hybrid scrubbers that were built by Wärtsilä Hamworthy.  Quantum of the Seas will be outfitted with two hyrbid scrubber systems.

The choice of scrubbers for Royal Caribbean's new Sunshine class vessels will enable the new ships to travel anywhere in the world, because the scrubbers will be compliant with the 2015 Emission Control Area (ECA) 0.1% sulfur limit, as well as the worldwide 0.5% limit from 2020 and the impending North American ECA, by removing sulfur emissions and harmful particulates from the vessel's exhaust. 

Royal Caribbean and Meyer Werft chose this solution not just because it ensures universal compliance with sulfur limits, allowing maximum choice over voyage routes and destinations; it also allows significant flexibility in the operation of the scrubber itself. The hybrid approach allows switching between open-loop and closed-loop scrubbing. This means that at sea, scrubbing using only sea water can be enabled but while maneuvering or in port the system can be closed, re-circulating the water already within the scrubber.

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