Royal Caribbean receives financing for third Quantum class cruise ship


Royal Caribbean has secured a financial loan to subsidize the cost of its third Quantum class cruise ship. The loan is for EUR637 million.

The third Quantum class cruise ship will be finished sometime in mid-2016 and getting the loan is the next important step in building the new ship.

Hermes, a German credit firm, has agreed to guarantee 95% of the loan.

This will be the third Quantum-class ship, behind Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas.  The third ship has no name yet officially announced.

Navigator of the Seas deck plan changes coming in 2014


Royal Caribbean's next cruise ship to be upgraded in drydock is Navigator of the Seas and there's quite a bit of changes coming to this ship.  After receving lots of questions related to how where the changes are onboard the ship, we've compiled a list of the changes coming visually.

Deck 2

  • Metropolis Theatre has been renamed to Royal Theater
  • Staterooms added in lieu of Board Room

Deck 3

  • Metropolis Theatre renamed to Royal Theater
  • Dungeon club replaced with inside staterooms
  • Photo & Art Gallery shrunk and staterooms take up old space
  • Staterooms added to port side of ship
  • Nutcracker Dining Room (Main Dining Room) renamed Sapphire Dining Room

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Royal Caribbean 3-day WOW Sale begins today


Today marks the beginning of Royal Caribbean's WOW Sale, where Royal Caribbean claims to find some of its best offers to book a cruise.  The 3-day WOW sale touts savings of up to $200 per cabin in onboard credit.

For the sale, booking your cruise during this sale will get onboard credit as well as reduced deposit amounts depending on the length of your cruise.

  • Cruises of 5 nights or shorter
    • $50 onboard credit per stateroom
    • $50 reduced deposit per stateroom
  • Cruises of 6 to 9 nights
    • $100 onboard credit per stateroom
    • $125 reduced deposit per stateroom
  • Cruises of 10 nights or longer
    • $200 onboard credit per stateroom
    • $225 reduced deposit per stateroom

This WOW sale is valid on all Royal Caribbean cruises departing departing on or after January 1, 2014 (not including Quantum of the Seas).  Sale ends on December 4, 2013

It's worth noting that Royal Caribbean says the WOW sale cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion, including Crown & Anchor, Shareholder Benefit, Future and Next Cruise offers.

Royal Caribbean sales event for the week of December 02, 2013


Each week Royal Caribbean posts new sales for various cruises across its fleet that can offer great discounts on specific sailings in the near future.

Twenty-three Royal Caribbean cruise deals are available this week, and you can combine these deals with the three-day WOW sale Royal Caribbean is also launching today.

This sale runs between December 03 and 04, 2013 with an exclusive preview sale open to Crown and Anchor Society members on December 02, 2013.

​Adventure of the Seas
Itinerary: 7 night Southern Caribbean Christmas Cruise
Departure Port: San Juan
Sail Date: 12/22/2013

Inside: $699 per person (Category M)
Ocean-view: $799 per person (Category I)
Balcony: $999 per person (Category D3,D2)
Suite: N/A

Adventure of the Seas
Itinerary: 7 night Southern Caribbean New Year Cruise
Departure Port: San Juan
Sail Date: 12/29/2013

Inside: $949 per person (Category L)
Ocean-view: N/A
Balcony: $1549 per person (Category D2, D3)
Suite: N/A

Allure of the Seas
Itinerary: 7 night Eastern Caribbean Holiday Cruise
Departure Port: Fort Lauderdale
Sail Date: 12/22/2013

Inside: $1149 per person (Category L)
Ocean-view: $1249 per per person (Category Y)
Balcony: N/A
Neighborhood Balcony: $1299 (Category B1, C1)
Suite: $4499 per person (Category GS, W)

Allure of the Seas
Itinerary: 7 night Eastern Caribbean Holiday Cruise
Departure Port: Fort Lauderdale
Sail Date: 12/29/2013

Inside: N/A
Ocean-view: N/A
Balcony: N/A
Suite: $4569 per person (Category W)

Enchantment of the Seas
Itinerary: 3 night Bahamas Cruise
Departure Port: Port Canaveral
Sail Date: 12/13/2013

Inside: N/A
Ocean-view: N/A
Balcony: $239 per person (Category D1)
Suite: $369 per person (Category JS)

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Royal Caribbean Post Round-Up: December 1, 2013


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving in the United States and elsewhere a relaxing weekend.  If you missed any of the Royal Caribbean news this week, here's our quick way to catch up!

Royal Caribbean dropped the big news on Thursday that Mamma Mia! will be the next Broadway show on Quantum of the Seas.

During the Thanksgiving Day Parade, television commentators made the announcement and Royal Caribbean followed it up confirming the news.  This will be the fourth Broadway show to be added to a Royal Caribbean ship.

The Broadway show news is one more bit of information come out about the brand new cruise ship, although there's still plenty more announcements we can expect to hear about in the next few months.

Royal Caribbean News

Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast

The seventeenth episode of the Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast is available and listener Michael Poole returns to the show to share his experience on Oasis of the Seas.

You may recall on episode 13 Michael previewed his cruise and this week he is back to discuss how his cruise went and review his time.  We will look at the excursions he took, specialty dining experiences and how well the unlimited alcohol package worked for him.

Please feel free to subscribe via iTunes or RSS, and head over to rate and review the podcast on iTunes if you can! We’d appreciate it.

Royal Caribbean Around the Internet

Cruise Critic has a list of the CyberMonday cruise deals.

Cruise Hive has the 7 best cruise lines for families this Christmas.

Royal Caribbean announces Broadway show Mamma Mia will be on Quantum of the Seas


During the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade today, Royal Caribbean announced that the Broadway show Mamma Mia will play onboard its next cruise ship, Quantum of the Seas.

Royal Caribbean made the announcement as part of the Thanksgiving Day parade festivities in New York City.

The addition of Mamma Mia to Quantum of the Seas follows the trend of adding Broadway shows to cruise ships that Royal Caribbean started when it added Hairspray to Oasis of the Seas followed by Chicago to Allure of the Seas.  Royal Caribbean also offers Saturday Night Fever onboard Liberty of the Seas.

Quantum of the Seas will debut in November 2014 and be based out of Cape Liberty, New Jersey.

Royal Caribbean Gift Guide: Royal Caribbean Books


With Hanukkah beginning tonight and Christmas around the corner, you may be in the market for the perfect gift for that Royal Caribbean super fan on your list.  Sure a cruise is always the best gift, but if you're looking for something less expensive, then how about a taste of Royal Caribbean at home?

Over the years Royal Caribbean has released a number of books as well as paved the way for others in the company to write books.  These are fun looks at the cruise line and a great way to get your Royal Caribbean "fix" if you going on a cruise right now isn't in the cards.

Royal Caribbean International Cookbook

Written by Rudi Sodamin, this first edition is from 2001 and is a collection of recipes from Sodamin's collection.  There are recipes for dishes like osso buco, grilled island strip steak with caramelized onion and rum glaze, the pasta, shrimp, and salmon salad, and the rigatoni pesto.

It's organized to help you put together a whole meal - it goes from appetizers, soups and salads and follows through with pastas, entrees, and desserts.

Buy it on Amazon

SAVOR: The Royal Caribbean International Cookbook (Volume 2)

The next cookbook Royal Caribbean put out was in 2008 and this book is a complilation of recipes from 30 chefs across Royal Caribbean's fleet.  

Like volume one, this book includes 110 recipes for appetizes, main courses and desserts.  In addition, each recipe has a wine recommendation for each dish from the chef.  There's shrimp udon, asian duck, grilled vegetable antipasti and dolcetti alla portofino.

But it on Amazon

Savor; the Royal Caribbean International Cookbook Volume 3

The last cookbook was published in 2010 and is an update to volume two. A little more than half of the recipes in volume three and carry overs from volume two, but there's new recipes with great photos to show you what it will look like.

Buy it on Amazon

Carte du Jour The Restaurants of Royal Caribbean International

This recipe book is more of a coffee table book give its size and great photos of each recipe. Like the other books, it features recipes from across Royal Caribbean's fleet.

Buy it on Amazon

The Captain : Johnny Faevelen : The Fisherman Who Became Captain of the World's Largest Cruise Ship

This book is the story of "Captain Johnny", who lived his dream of becoming the captain of the world's largest cruise ship and his time from a boy in a small fishing village in Norway to achieving his dream.

Having sailed with Captain Johnny on Mariner of the Seas, I know first hand what a great guy he is and his book is an inspiring read about the challenges he faced, as well as the importance of family, and how values like treating others as you wish to be treated.

Buy it on Amazon

Oasis of the Seas Listener Review on Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast Episode 17


Happy Thanksgiving and Hanukkah to all of our podcast listeners! Here's my gift to you, a brand new episode of the Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast!

Episode 17 is now available for downloading and it features our listener Michael Poole who shares his experiences on a recent Oasis of the Seas cruise.

In this episode, Michael returns to share with us how his Oasis of the Seas went. Michael joined us on episode 13 when we previewed his cruise so this week we will compare his original plans with how things turned out. It’s a fun look into Michael’s cruise and I think we can all get a sense of what it was like on his cruise.

Here’s the podcast page for Episode 17. And don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast via RSSStitcher or on iTunes!

Take a listen and as always, let us know what you think! Please rate and review the podcast on iTunes and leave your comments below!

Video: Cruising the western Caribbean with Royal Caribbean


Today's video is all about the destinations in the western Caribbean Royal Caribbean visits.

Cruising 101: Courtesy Hold


Quite often when you are shopping for the right Royal Caribbean cruise, you will want to mull over if the cruise you find is the right one for you as well as other considerations to be able to take the time off.  But what happens when you find a great deal on a cruise or the perfect cabin but can't commit to booking yet?  Royal Caribbean offers courtesy holds.

A courtesy hold is a complimentary 24-hour period where you can lock in your desired stateroom and price without putting any money down.  It assures you that your cabin and price will be saved for exactly 24-hours to give you some more time to decide without missing out on what you found.

Anyone can place a courtesy hold, and if you are booking on your own, there's an option on the Royal Caribbean web site to do so, as well as if you call Royal Caribbean directly.  Additionally, travel agents can place courtest holds on your behalf.

Between when you place the hold and 24 hours later, you must pay at least the deposit price to keep your cabin as well as price.  You can optionally pay the full cruise price as well if the cruise you are considering is still outside of the finaly payment date.

After 24 hours, if you have not made any payment, your courtesy hold will expire.  You can create a new courtesy hold after your first hold expired, however you may be subject to new pricing and the cabin you selected may be taken by someone else in the time between placing a new hold.

An important concept to understand about courtesy holds is that in Royal Caribbean's computer system, a courtesy hold is a de facto reservation.  Meaning, if you place a courtesy hold and then tomorrow there is a new sale that is only for new reservations, technically speaking your courtesy hold is an existing reservation and you would not qualify.

Courtesy holds are a great way to give yourself a little more time to decide on which cruise is right for you without risking losing out on a great stateroom and/or price.