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Celebrity Cruises Captain's Club loyalty program info, tips & secrets

20 Mar 2023
Jenna DeLaurentis

Booking a Celebrity Cruise? Be sure to join the Captain’s Club—the cruise line’s loyalty program—which provides exclusive perks and events to loyal cruisers.

Although there are dozens of cruise lines to choose from, many people prefer staying loyal to one brand. Staying loyal to one cruise line allows you to rack up loyalty points more quickly, leading to not only money-saving rewards, but an enhanced onboard experience.

One of the best aspects of Celebrity Cruises’ loyalty program is the reciprocity with Royal Caribbean’s Crown & Anchor Society. You can easily match your status between the two brands. This means that, even if you’ve never sailed with Celebrity before, you may be eligible for one of the top tiers in their loyalty program as a Crown & Anchor Society member.

Everything from onboard discounts to free cruises are rewarded to Captain’s Club members, and we’re sharing everything you need to know about the program.

How do I earn Captain’s Club points?

You earn points in Celebrity’s Captain’s Club based on the stateroom you book and number of nights you sail. Because of this structure, the speed at which you move up tiers in the loyalty program can differ greatly from one passenger to the next.

Here is how many points you will earn per night on Celebrity Cruises:

  • Inside or ocean view: 2 points per night
  • Veranda: 3 points per night
  • Concierge Class and AquaClass: 5 points per night
  • Sky Suites and Aqua Sky Suite: 8 points per night
  • Celebrity, Signature, Royal, and Sunset Suites: 12 points per night
  • Penthouse, Reflection, and Edge Villa: 18 points per night
  • Iconic Suite: 24 points per night

Staying in the Iconic Suite—the cruise line’s most luxurious suite—earns a whopping 12x more points than an inside or ocean view cabin. Of course, earning more points per night comes at a higher price point.

At 12 points per night, the Iconic Suite can cost over $30,000 per person on a 7-night cruise! You can find deals on inside cabins, on the other hand, for under $600 per person.

Power Up Points with Celebrity Cruises

Don’t have a cruise booked? You can still earn Captain’s Club points with Celebrity through their Power Up Points program.

Power Up Points are points that can be earned online and converted to Captain’s Club points at a 10:1 ratio. For every ten Power Up Points you earn, you’ll receive 1 Captain’s Club point.

You can earn Power Up Points through participating in online activities like surveys and social media content. Completing an online survey may be worth 20 Power Up Points, for example, so 2 Captain’s Club points will be automatically added to your loyalty account.

To sign up for Celebrity’s Power Up Points program, you can enroll on Celebrity’s website.

Captain’s Club Tier Overview

There are six tiers to the Captain’s Club loyalty program, each of which offers increasingly more coveted benefits:

  • Preview (0 Club Points)
  • Classic (2-149 Club Points)
  • Select (150-200 Club Points)
  • Elite (300-749 Club Points)
  • Elite Plus (750-2,999 Club Points)
  • Zenith (3,000+ Club Points)

The first level, Preview, is for first-time cruisers on Celebrity. Beyond access to the Captain’s Club newsletter, loyalty desk access, and eligibility for Captain’s Club promotions when booking onboard, this tier does not offer any other benefits.

It acts as a starting point for those cruising for the first time with the goal of encouraging these guests to continue cruising with Celebrity.

More benefits are included in the Classic tier. Starting at 2 Club Points, all cruisers will be at this level after their first Celebrity cruise. Benefits include:

  • Special Captain’s Club Welcome Celebration Night
  • Access to exclusive events on specialty sailings
  • One pre-cruise category upgrade up to AquaClass
  • 10% discount on wifi packages
  • 25% discount on digital or print photo package
  • $100 off The Studio photo packages
  • 10% discount on a drink package or premium drink package
  • 10% discount at The Spa
  • 10% discount off one-time use laundry services
  • 10% off any bottle of wine
  • 5% discount on small group discovery shore excursions
  • 5% discount on Hollywood Hot Glass
  • Complimentary scoop of gelato
  • Complimentary specialty coffee when dining in a specialty restaurant

Select is the next tier up from the Classic level. The Select level brings additional discounts and freebies, but it doesn’t offer the exclusive benefits you’ll see as you move further up the Captain’s Club.

Nonetheless, in addition to the benefits of the Classic tier, you’ll receive:

  • Captain’s Club Wine Tasting
  • Captain’s Club Backstage Tour
  • 15% off any bottle of wine
  • 25% off wifi packages
  • 30% off digital or print photo packages
  • $150 off The Studio photo package
  • Two complimentary pressed laundry items
  • One discounted bag of laundry for cruises 12 nights or longer

If you always cruise in inside or ocean view rooms, it will take around eleven 7-night cruises to reach the Select tier. Staying in standard veranda rooms drops this to just seven cruises, whereas cruising in a Sky Suite would have you reaching the Select tier after just three cruises.

Elite Tiers in Celebrity’s Captain’s Club

Preview, Classic, and Select are the three lower tiers in the Captain’s Club. Once you reach 300 Club Points, you join the Elite tier and start to see many more benefits.

Celebrity has two elite tiers: Elite and Elite Plus. If you only booked 7-night cruises, reaching the Elite tier would require:

  • 22 cruises in an interior room
  • 15 cruises in a veranda
  • 9 cruises in Concierge Class or AquaClass
  • 6 cruises in a Sky Suite or Aqua Sky Suite
  • 4 cruises in a Celebrity, Signature, Royal, or Sunset Suite
  • 3 cruises in a Penthouse, Reflection, and Edge Villa
  • 2 cruises in an Iconic Suite

Exclusive access

Elite members and above in the Captain’s Club are invited to two daily events: the Coffee Lounge and Elite Cocktail Hour.

Each morning for two hours, a private continental breakfast is held in either the Tuscan Restaurant or Tuscan Grille specialty restaurant. Although the breakfast does not have as much variety as the Oceanview Cafe or main dining room, it offers a quieter breakfast option. As a plus, smoothies, mimosas, and other boozy breakfast drinks are complimentary!

Additionally, a cocktail hour is held each evening from 5-7PM, excluding embarkation day. The cocktail hour is not held in a specific venue; instead, guests can order drinks from the cocktail hour menu at most bars and lounges across the ship.

Elite members and above also have complimentary access to the Persian Garden on one port day. The Persian Garden is a thermal suite—available only on Millennium and Solstice Class ships—that features steam rooms, saunas, and hot stone loungers.

Private events

Elite members have access to additional private events compared to those in lower tiers, such as Music + Mixology, which features exclusive cocktail offerings and a live band. The Senior Officer Party is offered as well, where Elite members and higher can mingle with senior officers onboard their cruise ship.

As another plus, those sailing on the Celebrity Apex or Celebrity Beyond can participate in Create & Pour, a paint and sip event led by one of the ship’s artists. If you’re looking to let your creative side shine during a Celebrity cruise, this can definitely be a fun event.

Additional benefits

In addition to the exclusive events and benefits found in the Preview, Classic, and Select tiers are several other perks for Elite members.

If your cruise itinerary includes tender ports, Elite members get priority tender access, which can be a nice benefit when you’re hoping to get on shore as early as possible.

Other benefits include a complimentary dry clean item, one complimentary bag of laundry, and a private shipboard departure lounge.

Discounts increase with the Elite tier as well:

  • 20% off any bottle of wine
  • 15% discount on drink package or premium drink package
  • 30% discount on wifi package and 90 minutes of premium wifi
  • 40% off digital or print photo packages
  • $200 off The Studio photo package

Elite Plus

The next tier up from Elite is Elite Plus, which you will reach with 750 Captain’s Club points. In comparison from the jump from Select to Elite, there are not nearly as many additional perks given upon reaching Elite Plus status.

One new event Elite Plus members receive access to is the Spa Wellness event. This event includes enjoying sailaway on the Spa Veranda, a guided meditation, and an overview of wellness treatments and mini massages.

Additionally, Elite Plus members receive several increased discounts:

  • 15% off specialty dining cover charge
  • 20% off regular drink package
  • 35% discount on wifi and 240 minutes of premium wifi
  • $250 off The Studio photo package
  • Two complimentary bags of laundry

Zenith: The Ultimate Tier

The highest tier in Celebrity’s Captain’s Club is Zenith, which you can reach with an impressive 3,000 Club Points.

To put this into perspective, reaching Zenith would require spending 1,500 nights on a Celebrity cruise in an inside room! While this number goes down a bit when staying in a veranda (1,000 nights) and Sky Suite (375), there is no denying that you have to cruise a lot to reach Zenith.

Unsurprisingly, the top tier of the Captain’s Club delivers impressive benefits, including:

  • Complimentary unlimited premium wifi package
  • Complimentary laundry
  • Complimentary premium drink package
  • 50% discount on digital or print photo package
  • $300 off The Studio photo packages
  • 25% off specialty dining cover charge
  • 20% discount at The Spa
  • Priority seating in the theater
  • Access to Concierge Lunch in the Main Dining Room
  • Upgraded bath amenities
  • Charitable donation on your behalf made by Captain’s Club
  • Complimentary 7-night Caribbean or Bermuda cruise upon reaching Zenith
  • Complimentary 7-night Caribbean or Bermuda cruise at 6,000 points, and every 3,000 points thereafter

Loyalty matching with other cruise lines

Allure of the Seas docked

Celebrity’s Captains Club has reciprocity with Royal Caribbean’s Crown & Anchor Society. The status matching between these two brands means you can match your Captain’s Club tier level to the Crown & Anchor Society and vice versa.

Status matching does not extend to the highest tier levels for each cruise line. Pinnacle members with Royal Caribbean, for example, will not become Zenith members of the Captain’s Club. Elite is the highest level to which you can match your Royal Caribbean status.

Select members in the Captain’s Club will be matched to Platinum in the Crown & Anchor Society. Elite, Elite Plus, and Zenith members will be matched to Diamond status in the Crown & Anchor Society.

Captain’s Club Partnerships

Celebrity Beyond

Celebrity Cruises has partnerships with entertainment, hotel, and retail companies throughout the United States. These partnerships provide additional benefits to Captain's Club members, from free upgrades at resorts to discounted production shows.

Celebrity Cruises Night Out

Members of the Captain’s Club have access to discounts at a variety of Broadway shows, production shows, and sporting events across the United States. Depending on the show, you can save between 10-40% off standard ticket prices.

Some offers even include a $25 dining credit to be used at STK Steakhouse at their locations in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Denver.

Upcoming shows can be viewed at the Celebrity Cruises Nights Out page here.


Celebrity has a partnership with MGM Resorts and offers a tier matching program. This leads to great benefits at many MGM Resorts locations, which includes waived resort fees, free room upgrades, priority check-in at resort properties, complimentary valet parking, and more.

Preview members are matched to MGM’s Sapphire tier whereas Classic members are matched to the Pearl tier. These tiers don’t give as many benefits as higher tiers in the program, but you can still see benefits like discounts on entertainment and car rentals.

Select, Elite, Elite Plus, and Zenith are matched to MGM’s Gold tier, and this is where most of the benefits kick in.

Hertz Rental Car

Celebrity’s partnership with Hertz gives additional benefits to Captain’s Club members. Depending on your tier level with Celebrity, you will receive a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards membership in addition to weekly rental discounts and free upgrades.

As a Captain’s Club member, you get up to 20% off any purchase from and its brands, including:

  • Harry & David
  • Cheryl’s Cookies
  • Simply Chocolate
  • The Popcorn Factory

Captain’s Club questions

Do Captain’s Club points ever expire?

Captain’s Club points will never expire as long as you have an active account in the loyalty program. Unlike most airline loyalty programs, you won’t have to worry about reaching a certain level of cruising each year to keep your benefits.

How many points do I need for a free cruise on Celebrity?

To earn a free cruise through Celebrity Cruises' Captain’s Club, you must reach the Zenith tier at 3,000 points. Once you reach Zenith, you can book a complimentary 7-night Caribbean or Bermuda cruise. Zenith members are given a veranda stateroom for this free sailing, although they must pay taxes and fees.

You can receive additional free cruises with Celebrity Cruises after every 3,000 Club Points you earn. At 6,000 points, for example, you receive a complimentary 7-night Caribbean or Bermuda cruise, but this time in an AquaClass stateroom.

You would continue receiving complimentary cruises when you hit 9,000 points, 12,000 points, 15,000 points, etc.

Can I link my account to a spouse or partner?

You can link your Captain’s Club account to a spouse or partner, and both members will take the tier level of the spouse/partner with more points.

However, points are still earned by each member individually, so if the accounts are separated, the members will only have access to the points they earned individually.

What is the Captain’s Club phone number?

If you have additional questions about the Captain’s Club, or need to inquire about points that have not yet posted to your account, you can call Celebrity cruises.

  • United States and Canada: 1-844-418-8624
  • United Kingdom: 0844 481 7505 (costs 7p per minute)
  • Ireland: 1800 932 662 (costs 7p per minute)

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