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Royal Caribbean offering "Royal Life" program to Brazil cruises

08 Jul 2014

Royal Caribbean is offering three themed cruises in South America for the 2014/2015 cruise season. The cruises are called Royal Life, Royal Gourmet and Royal Dance.

Royal Life will be a seven-night cruise out of Santos, Brazil on February 1, 2014 and will stop in Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Punta del Este.  This cruise will offer exercise regiments as well as light and healthy food choices.

Royal Gourmet will be a cruise sailing on March 13, 2014 with stops in Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Punta del Este.  Royal Gourmet will bring together a number of major Brazilian chefs that will offer unique programming.

For Royal Dance, Royal Caribbean is partnering with the Dance Studio of Dance Fernando Campani.  The cruise will offer the studios' intense class schedule, with a 14-night trans-Atlantic itinerary that will end in Barcelona, Spain.

Royal Caribbean returns "Royal Life" program to Brazil cruises

29 Jul 2011

Royal Caribbean is bringing back its sports and fitness program for this year's cruise season, called "Royal Life". With cruises out of Santos, Brazil on January 27 and Rio de Janeiro on January 28, the goal is to combine leisure cruise vacation, wellness and health care. On board, passengers will be able to exercise, attend lectures on nutritional counseling and relaxation.

For a week, adults and children will hold various activities overlooking the sea and the beautiful beaches of Brazil. The cruise participants will attend spinning classes, rhythms, hydrobike, pilates, yoga (at sea and ashore), kids yoga and contest for the whole family. To help keep in shape, the ship's menus will have options for eating lighter and healthier. In this new edition to be in charge of new partnerships between the Royal and renowned professionals in the areas of sports, wellness and nutrition

The Royal Life cruise costs from R$ 203.80 10x + R$ 81.52 per person, no fees, inside cabin double. The feeding schedule and activities are included.  

Royal Caribbean offers Royal Life program

07 Jan 2011

Royal Caribbean is offering a sports and fitness program on an upcoming Vision of the Seas cruise, February 5 to 12, 2011, dubbed Royal Life. 

The cruise features seven nights on board, with an intense schedule, for both adults and children, with activities such as spinning classes, rhythms, hydrobike, pilates, yoga (at sea and ashore), kids yoga and contest for the whole family, besides trekking Buzios accompanied by monitors. Best of all, the activities will take place overlooking the sea and the beautiful beaches of Brazil and the menus will always be a choice of dishes lighter and healthier.

Participants will have the opportunity to attend lectures by experts as Szerman Ward, manager of the health and beauty and pioneer in the practice of aerobics in Brazil and in the implementation of PAS in the country. In Ilhabela, guests may participate in a volleyball clinic with Marcelo Negrao, Olympic champion and former national team player. There will also be lectures nutrition, with tips on how to build a healthy menu.

In addition to Ilhabela, the scales of the ship include Rio de Janeiro, Buzios and Salvador. The loading can be done in Santos (February 2) or Rio de Janeiro (February 6).

Guests will also enjoy moments of relaxation in leisure areas of Vision of the Seas , which has two pools, six whirlpools, spa, solarium, theater, shops and beauty salons, distributed in 11 decks. The ship has capacity for over 2,400 guests.

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