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Royal Caribbean presents cruise port project to Nicaragua


Royal Caribbean presented a plan to authorities of Nicaragua to build a port in the city of San Juan del Sur that could handle large cruise ships.

While feasibility studies have yet to be carried out to even see if the proposal is feasible, the city is optimistic that the project would bring a large amount of tourists.

Currently, most cruise passengers arriving take tenders to get into port.  With a strong tourism industry developing in the country, there's a demand for more.

Deputy Mayor of San Juan del Sur, Rivas Rosa Adelina, estimated that the proposal by Royal Caribbean would give the town a big tourism and economic boost, and benefit the country and to attract other international cruise companies.

"The main focus of contribution is the extension of the pier, tourists would arrive directly at the port, and with them new establishments is like an invitation to stay longer," she said.

Royal Caribbean looking to expand to Nicaragua?


The Spanish language site Estrategia Negocios is reporting that Royal Caribbean is working with the country of Nicaragua to rebuild the port of San Juan del Sur.  The idea is to rebuild the port, which will promote more cruise ships operating in the Pacific to stop in Nicaragua.  Nicaragua Tourism Minister Mario Salinas sees the cruise business as "a segment to exploit. "  In addition, the Nicaraguan government is also working on the construction of 'inter-oceanic canal in Nicaragua tourism', a mechanical transport system move boats and yachts between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Perhaps Nicaragua is looking for something similar to the deal that Royal Caribbean has reached with Jamaica to open a $170 million port at Historic Falmouth Jamaica.  By opening a new sea port, Nicaragua seeks to increase the weight of the tourism industry in the country, to which the sector currently contributes about 5.2% of GDP, with about 930,000 visitors during 2009, which resulted in an increase of 8.6 % from a year earlier.  Nicaragua ranks low in tourism compared to its neighboring countries such as Costa Rica and so this, along with other measures taken, will hopefully increase tourism in this Central American country.