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Interview with Royal Caribbean Italy commercial manager

24 Jun 2012

Royal Caribbean has increased its focus on the Italy cruise market, with an emphasis in Genoa.  An interview was published recently with the new Royal Caribbean commercial manager for Italy, Mario Paquero.

The tragedy of Costa Concordia has strongly affected the entire national market for cruises. You ever expect to have a problem like that?
"We have always believed you could do great numbers, even if there were a couple of months rather difficult for everyone. But things quickly changed and bookings for the current season have gone beyond our expectations. If we also consider the difficult time of global economic crisis this represents for us an even greater success. "

How was it possible to reverse this trend?
"The company has decided to hold rates quite low given the high quality that will still offer the tourist. And then, for that matter, in the cruise price is really all inclusive, those who get on board our ships must not pull out a dollar for extras. "

And in Genoa, which are the next steps of Royal Caribbean?
"First, we plan to increase the number of our direct employees because the company believes very much in the Italian market and the future we hope to witness a fast and progressive growth of the group. Not only that, but from an operational standpoint, the port of Genoa will be reconfirmed as one of the major airports across the country. "

The relationship between the city and the cruise is not always positive: closed shops, a few attractions, little assistance to visitors. You who give judgment?
"I do not think this is true. For our part we have been from the beginning excellent relations with local government, the Port Authority and more generally with all the components of the economic fabric of the city that have supported our investments. By tourists, then there is a high rating to the city and the judgments that have emerged from our evaluation boards are more than good. Of course things can still improve and by the Royal's best efforts to make this happen through a constant dialogue with the institutions and associations. "

Not only Genoa: Your company also believes strongly in the port of La Spezia.
"The port of La Spezia is indisputably a major arrival point for our ships. And this for the extraordinary opportunity offered by the territory, rich in culture, natural beauty and geographically strategic with respect to the most important and famous Italian art cities. "

The cruise market, filed in 2012, will continue to grow?
"The feeling we have right now are positive although it is impossible to predict long-term. The index to the holidays of this type, however, increases from year to year. And this happens not only in the Mediterranean but also throughout the rest of the world. " 

Enthusiasm in Genoa for Mariner of the Seas

26 Jul 2011

A large group of senior policymakers from Liguria and Genoa, with the Mayor Marta Vincenzi, Claudio Burlando, President of the Region and President of the Port Louis Merlo, welcomed with great enthusiasm the first stop in Genoa of Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas.  Mariner of the Seas will make seven stops during this summer, while 14 are expected in 2012, for a total of 60,000 passengers.

In addition, as announced by Lina Mazzucco, general manager Royal Caribbean in Italy, "the company could become a shareholder of the passenger terminal of the Maritime Station, saw the new commitment of the port of Genoa."

At the first port of Genoa, Mariner of the Seas was also the scene of an opportunity to present the Royal Caribbean's partnership with the Telethon Foundation, a group that conducts research on genetic diseases.  Along with the testimonial of the initiative in Genoa - Olympic gold medalists Valentina Vezzali, Juri Chechi, Antonio Rossi. Royal Caribbean's Director of cruises in Italy, Lina  Mazzucco has provided details of the collaboration, which will be held with regular donations by Royal Caribbean, charity dinner on board ships arriving in Italy, and hospitality on board for the regular meetings of researchers from the Foundation.

Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas arrives in Genoa

22 Jul 2011

At the first stop of Genoa, Italy, Mariner of the Seas, flagship of Royal Caribbean in Italy, was presented the new programs of the Society of Genoa and the Italian market. "The first departure is tomorrow and the ship is full, "explains Lina Mazzucco, general manager of Royal Caribbean Italy, "When I joined the company spent only from Genoa, but this year we will do the next 7 loadings and even 14".

"In the port there have been many interventions to allow their ships like ours to have access and we are very pleased," continues Mazzucco , "Our goal is not only to bring Americans and other foreign tourists in Italy and Genoa, but also French and German just to embark from the port of Genoa. We are already working on that. "

Italian regional governor: "We need more synergy between Genoa and Savona"

22 Jul 2011

The regional governor in Italy, Claudio Burlando, has proposed today better synergy between Genoa and Savona on the arrival of cruise passengers.  

"The collaboration with Royal Caribbean is very important, since it is a group among the largest in the world with next to Carnival and MSC, which incidentally is growing very well," said the president, during the first arrival in Genoa of Mariner of the Seas, flagship of Royal Caribbean in Italy.

"Last year, we met with Royal Caribbean officials on a cruise, and from there began a relationship that has led to increased calls. Next year we will already be at 60,000 passengers, so a number of all respect, then it may be that collaboration is being extended to become a customer and Caribbean ports of Liguria. And who knows not form a relationship with the company for construction at this time are the thorn in our side. It 'obvious that if we found a new party prepared to build here, the situation would change profoundly. "

Royal Caribbean has already bet on the port of Genoa to grab a share of the Maritime Station, the company that operates the passenger traffic. "When he left Genoa to Savona Coast had 500 to 600 000 cruise passengers in 2012 we will have as many 1 million in Savona and Genoa. It is about four times as much - still Burlando - The huge amount of passengers waiting to Savona places a high level of importance and necessity, more than double its terminals, while Genoa opened the new west pier, and you start works for the Ponte Parodi ".

"The movement hotel in Liguria attendance records 10 million and 3 million arrivals, with average attendance of 3 days - is the reflection of the regional governor - If we consider only to cruise passengers who arrive in Genoa, which this year will be 1 million and 800 thousand, it is a stream that does not deviate much from the classic hotel network users. This means that the cruise is a very valuable way to raise awareness of Liguria and should prompt us to promote a more articulate and attentive host, adapted to the needs of cruise passengers who decide to leave here because they want to spend a part of the journey. We can have a closer relationship with these people in Genoa tourism next year will have 2 million people. "

Mariner of the Seas ready for its Genoa, Italy debut next week

15 Jul 2011

Very little is missing for the Genoa, Italy debut of Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas. From July 23 to September 3, Royal Caribbean will have Mariner of the Seas docked in Genoa for guests to board for its seven night itineraries in the Western Mediterranean, to Cannes, Ajaccio, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca.

Aboard Mariner, the Italian spirit is everywhere: from entertainment (activities and TV programs) to food and wine, to the staff - with a team dedicated to the Italian guests - to the guaranteed excursions in each port of call in Italian. On board the attractions that have revolutionized the cruise product: the climbing wall at 60 meters above sea level, the regulation basketball court, the ice rink.

The first departure from Genoa will be celebrated as early as July  22 with a major event dedicated to the trade, called Friday Night Fever for more than 500 travel agents and journalists. On July 23, in Genoa, Mariner will be celebrated with the exchange of crest and plaques - officiated by the Captain of the ship - between city and port authorities and ship's officers, as tradition dictates for the first stop of a ship in a harbor.

2012 will be "full of new challenges" for Royal Caribbean in Italy

06 Jul 2011

Royal Caribbean Marketing Directory in Italy, Robert Pirrera, thinks the year of 2012 will bring its own set of obstacles for the cruise giant to overcome, "The year 2012 promises a year full of new challenges.  With enthusiasm, we will promptly respond to growing demand from the market with the opening of new ports of embarkation in Bari and Messina, extending the seasonal cruise from Genoa, the introduction of 7 nights cruises aboard Brilliance of the Seas in Northern Europe, new promotions, and especially the strengthening of our brand in Italy".

Mariner of the Seas is ready to celebrate its debut in Genoa on July 22, when an event is scheduled for members of the press and other cruise industry figures.  On that day, Mariner will sail from Civitavecchia to reach Genoa, new home port for Mariner of the Seas. Friday Night Fever, the name given to the event, will involve more than 500 travel agents and journalists who will spend the night before the first call  in Genoa. The next day, in Genoa, Mariner of the Seas will be welcomed by local authorities and port with the press conference and ceremony "Plaque & Keys", the exchange of crest and plaques from local authorities to the officers on board.

Meanwhile Pirrera confirmed that Royal Caribbean is doing quite well in Italy, with 100% growth since last year, "We have grown over 100% compared to last year, with excellent returns on advertising investments. Without forgetting the excellent performance of the website, which last January after redesign has more than doubled visits. "

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