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St. Lucia - Volcanic Mud Experience

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My DH and I did this 3 years ago when staying in St. Lucia.  It was a fun experience, and while I remember their being an odor, I don't recall it being something that would have kept me from doing the excursion. 

What I did wish I knew was to  bring a cheap\old  bathing suit you don't care about.   The mud will permanently stain your suit.  We were warned by fellow travelers a few days before, so we wore the oldest suits we had brought with us, but if I had known before we left home, I would have bought us cheap suits from Target before we went that we wouldn't care about throwing away.  I washed our suits 3 times and the areas that were lighter in color or white (think edging on swim trunks) would not come clean and they had to be thrown away.



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Guest toodle68

We actually booked this on our last cruise but when we got closer to the day I relooked at the reviews. I believe it is a long drive to get there and the reviewed were just terrible. The thought of spending 4-6 hours (I can't remember now) for a 5 minute experience in a crowded tourist trap put us off.. so we stayed on the ship and had a great relaxing day.

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