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Excursion Suggestions Canada & New England?


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We are going on Anthem in September for our 5 year anniversary, up the northern coast. We are starting to plan out the trip and need suggestions on what to do at the port stops. Some of them we have plans for:  Boston we are going to catch a Red Sox game (probably won't get to see the whole thing, but have to mark that park off our MLB list), Halifax we've booked an RC beer tour, and I've found a Beer Bus in Portland that I think we're going to sign up for. However, the last two ports, Bar Harbor and Saint John New Brunswick, what are the must dos there? Bar Harbor I know is known for lobster, so gimme all the food recs. Saint John I know absolutely nothing about!

Also, if anyone has been up that coast or lives there, what is the weather in early September? Trying to figure out the clothing situation, assuming light layers?

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In addition to the food while in Bar Harbor, seriously consider visiting Acadia National Park. It's gorgeous and in September, depending on how late in the month you're going, you should have some spectacular foliage on display.

I spent four years in Maine while in college, and the months of September and May were always the best in my opinion.

For info on Saint Johns temps, take a look at this link at holiday-weather.com site, which another member here pointed me to when I was asking about the temps in Halifax for May / June.

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