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I have a question on the VOOM SURF + STREAM packages specifying the number of devices (1-4). I recently purchased the Beverage & VOOM 1 Device package for my upcoming cruise in Feb on Oasis. Does the 1 device mean I can only use one specific device the whole cruise or only 1 device at a time? For example, in the stateroom I would like to use my laptop but while going about the ship I would like to use my iPhone. Thanks in advance for the clarification!

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Just now, mackmacdonald said:

@twangster Thank you for the clarification and tip, looking forward to our first cruise!

Your welcome!  Oasis is an awesome ship.  I have friends on her this week.  It's their first Royal Caribbean cruise.  

On the main page for this site, RoyalCaribbeanBlog.com there is a search box (the search box on this page only searches within the message boards).  Type in 'first time' and you will find numerous blog entries and tips for first time and new to Royal Caribbean cruisers.  

There is a wealth of information here and planning your cruise is almost as much fun as taking it!  Enjoy!

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