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Why aren't salon services available to those under 18?


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OK, I've gone through all the salon options on the cruise planner, and for the life of me I can't find anything, not even a manicure or pedicure, that's available to those under 18. Why on earth not?? I have a 17-year old daughter and another who's 14, and I know both would love to be able to get a manicure, or finally get those highlights they've been begging for, while on the ship during a sea day or after we get back on board after a shorter port day.

Every land salon I go to has no problem offering these services to teens, including teens who just walk in without any parents nearby. What is the issue with making these salon services available on the ship? Is this just a limitation of the Cruise Planner, and once on board they (or my wife) could walk in and schedule one of these services without any hassle?

Believe me, I totally get why they can't offer these things for the spa; I'm sure they have all kinds of liability concerns with giving massages or the like to minors. But I wouldn't think that a salon service should be any kind of issue in that regard.


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Thanks, Matt! I think if booking on board is truly an option for them, I'll let them do that using the $100 OBC they have on their room. Given the price lists posted in another recent thread about the salon, that would work out nicely. They could pay for the tip using the spending cash they'll have on hand.

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