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Can anybody tell me how long it might take to get of the ship in Falmouth, Jamaica,  in this case the Serenade of the Seas?  Any suggestions to get off the quickest?  Our ship is supposed to dock at 9:00 a.m. and we are supposed to meet someone at 9:30 a.m. a few blocks from the port.

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I think this question maybe in the wrong section?


But to answer your question based on my experiences, although not in Falmouth, its usually about 30 mins after it docks that you can leave the ship. Keep in mind of course there could be hundreds, maybe thousands trying to get off the ship through one exit point at the same time as you.


My best guess is you will not be thereat 930 excactly to meet your friend. Someone who has done this port maybe able to confirm exactly.

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I moved this post to the proper forum (no big deal).


If you need to meet someone at 9:30 just be sure to line up before you even dock.  That way you can be among the first to get off the ship.


The problem with dockings that are "late" like 9am, is everyone is awake for it.  Still, because it's a dock and not tenders, the crew processes people pretty quickly. 

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