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What to print

Jack S

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Te only paper that you actually need are the luggage tags.  You will also need you Set Sail Pass(es) but those don’t have to be paper.  You can present them electronically if you want to.  I always print mine out but you don’t have to.  You can save them to your electronic wallet and present them for boarding.  You do not need anything else from your “cruise docs”.  The only thing I ever use from the cruise docs is the physical street address/location of the port terminal for use with my GPS.

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Heck even luggage tags can be written on the spot by the baggage handlers at the terminal.  There is nothing enhanced or special about luggage tags, they simply are used to guide your luggage to the right hallway location.  They quite dumb.  If you wrote cabin 1234 on one that is exactly where you luggage would go.  The ones written on the spot at luggage drop off are no better or worse than ones printed at home in color.  

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