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Renting a car on St Maartin

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5 minutes ago, Michel said:

Thinking of renting a car for a day from Coastal car rental right off the pier in St Maartin, to explore the island. 

For those who have been to St Maartin, what do you think ? Go or bad idea ? 


My co-worker, who has a lot more cruises under his belt than I, says that it's a great idea, and he's done it a few times.

You can go where you want, even off the beaten path or to an AI resort, and not worry about taxis, etc.


I'm a little more cautious, and am sure I'd find myself in a wreck with an ox or a flat tire - anything to make me miss my boat.


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Just a word of caution about Hertz in St. Maartin.  About 9 years ago we rented a car there (when we were staying on the island, not cruising).  It was an SUV with one of those combination locks.  Obviously the combination was given out to everyone on the island because the car was "unlocked" using the code while we were on a 10 minute hike to a scenic spot.   We had a lot of things stolen that were locked in the trunk (iPod, phone, food, cokes, etc.)   Also, the gas tank read "3/4 full" when it was really totally full, because we filled it to overflowing when we turned it in, right there at the Hertz gas station at the terminal.  We noted that when we turned it in, but they still charged us for an extra 1/4 tank (at overpriced rates) when we got our bill.  I contacted Hertz headquarters about it all and they couldn't have cared less.   Not a pleasant memory.  Maybe things have improved in the last 9 years.

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