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Horseback Riding in St. Maarten


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Very excited about taking Eastern Caribbean itinerary on Oasis -- St. Maarten, San Juan and Labadee.  I did a general search on RCCL for horseback riding in St. Maarten (bucket list item for a friend traveling with me).  A shore excursion shows up as Horseback Riding Scenic Trail and Sea - SMJ8, but when I check the cruise planner it doesn't show up.  Has anyone taken this excursion and is there anyway I can find out if it's still offered?  I found a company called Lucky Stables in St. Maarten, which is an option, but not sure about taking a taxi in St. Maarten.  Are taxi's hard to find and are they pricey?  Any help would be appreciated :1_grinning:.

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You can always call, RCCL, they will tell you if it's available, I have a future cruise with ST. Maarten as a stop, and I just checked on cruise planner and there wasn't a horse back riding excursion showing, but those change all of the time, depending on  the time frame between now and when you cruise.

If I remember correctly taxis were plentiful when you get off the ship, because where the ship docks and where one of the main shopping/beach areas is, you can either take a land taxi to get there or a water taxi. Taxi's should not be an issue, just negotiate the price before getting in. Also, most reputable shore excursions companies will email you instructions of how to get to their location.

I would go to Tripadvisor and look at recommendations for Lucky Stables, see how they rate and what people say about them.

I have done the horseback riding on several islands, most recently Roatan, the excursion, riding in the ocean, is one of the most enjoyable excursions I've ever done, take the excursion if you can work it out.

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Karen, my family and i were originally looking at this excursion for our own cruise next year that stops in St. Maarten. I read a number of reviews on TripAdvisor indicating the horses were not well treated -- visible scars on them from bites, several of the horses were skittish / aggressive, etc. Equal number of reviews indicating wonderful times were had, but given the negative reviews that were prefaced by statements that the reviewers were experienced dealing with horses, we decided not to do this excursion. If RCI is no longer offering it, those claims may well have been valid and RCI chose to no longer support them either.

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