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In 2009 we went on Mariner of the Seas to the Mexican Rivera. The trip was great and we enjoyed the port of call. But my favorite thing I have ever done on a cruise was cooking with a chef!! Chef Makers gave classes sing the galley and bar space of the Windjammer Café. granted the classes were a bit pricey, but you got a meal and drinks or wine to go with it. we took home wonderful recipes and some extra cooking knowledge from a real experienced chef. Has anyone else ever done this? Do any of the other ships have this opportunity? I keep looking, watching and hoping. B)

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Oh and when you get to the windjammer on the first day, ask the chefmaker people about classes. I know they will cancel classes if there are not enough people



I know that a lot of the chef makers classes include alcohol.  I remember one class we took, we made mimosas


The hard part is finding Chefmakers on board...it is not common! Wish they would do it more!

Yes Booze is involved, we had wine and the bar tender made us specialty drinks that were great!!

A really good deal cause us learn and have a wonderful dinner!  If you like to cook!

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