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Liberty of the Seas - May 23, 2024 - June 1, 2024 (9 night Bermuda & Caribbean)

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18 hours ago, Ty Work said:

I've never cruised out if NJ.

Can anyone tell me if we will see Lady Liberty in our sail away?

Unless the Captain makes a special effort and does a Liberty sail-around (which is very, very unlikely), you will only see Lady Liberty from a distance and will be sailing away from her as you leave.  Only once have I been onboard when we did a Liberty sail-around and it was fantastic.  Our sailing had been delayed by 2 days (due to a false COVID scare...just before the shut-down) and the Captain sailed around the Statue of Liberty as a bit of a payback for our disappointment.  That was an interesting cruise as we were able to board the ship the night before we sailed and spend the night on the ship before sailing the next day.

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We of course saw the Statue of Liberty while we sailed from Port Liberty a few years back.  And yes, it was from some distance, but it was still obvious and remarkable.  Other than barely seeing it from the air one time, this was the first real viewing I had experienced. 

But when we returned to port, the Skipper gave us a real treat and circled the Statue of Liberty multiple times.😍   Also a pay-back, as we returned to port 12-hours early in out-running Hurricane Dorian.

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Just booked the trip..second time out of NJ. Looking forward to it and no flying..yea! We were on the Anthem in Nov and Capt. took us over to the Statue of Liberty and did a 180 just off Battery Park..really cool. They seem to be doing it more now. I've seen a bunch of posts on FB close to the Statue...fingers crossed. Oh wait does Liberty have the AZIPODS propulsion to do the 180?..just googled it and Liberty has 1 fixed and 2 azipods..so we'll see. See ya onboard!  Safe Travels!

We're both divers, but just going to do the shipwreck snorkel in Bermuda and any recommendations for St. Marten? We were there in the 90s but can't remember better beach or should I say relaxing beach. Looking at the reviews the one closet to the ship got some good reviews.  The waverunners looked cool last time in Labadee..probably going to do those.


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