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Disembarkation timing to make Everglades excursion

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I'll be going on my first cruise since I was a child in the 90s, and it will be the first time for my wife, daughter and in-laws. We're going on an Eastern Caribbean cruise on Harmony of the Seas in August out of Miami.

I've booked the Everglades Eco-Adventure with airport drop-off. It states that the time for the excursion is 8:30 AM.

I've read the other threads about how disembarkation times are allocated and sometimes things can go slow, with someone mentioning they didn't get off until 11:30. 

How does disembarkation work if you have an excursion booked through Royal, with an early time like 8:30. Do they schedule us to disembark early enough to make it to the excursion? 

Thanks in advance for all your help.

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If you booked the excursion through RC, you will be just fine. You will meet in an assigned area and time for disembarking and they WILL get everyone taking the excursions off the ship to make the bus….I promise. It won’t leave without you as long as you go to the meeting area.

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We've done several of these and they've worked precisely the way @steverk and @Ryan79 said.

I would just add to make sure you are given the correct tags to ensure your luggage also makes it off the ship in the early batches.

On one of our excursions the bus was delayed departing the port by almost an hour because two passengers misunderstood what tags they needed. They were supposed to have tags 3 or 4 and they somehow read that as 34, so when they didn't get tags numbered 34 in their stateroom they went to GS and asked for some. As a result they exited the ship along with everyone else on the excursion and then had to wait for ages for their luggage.

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