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Bingo and all things on board expense

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Thankfully our trip is only 2 weeks out now, however one piece of news caught my eye. That's right, bingo. If the price I saw is true its pretty high for the time entertained. Does anyone have or know of a good price breakdown? I have yet to find a good posting anywhere.

As a follow up, can all cards in the same room be frozen to prevent use at the casino or other uses for that matter?

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From memory they typically play 3 or maybe 4 rounds of Bingo in each session.


For about $25 you get a set of three cards that you play in all the rounds


For about $55 you get the same cards plus a machine that plays something like 20 sets of cards for you


We usually end up playing once or twice on most cruises, our son gets a kick out of it and it isn't a lot of money if you only do it once or twice, twice a day every day would add up in a hurry though :)

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Just saw your second question, I know you have the option of activating and deactivating cards for individuals and I believe you can set spending limits on them (may depend on the ship as to how sophisticated they are).


Never really tried it though to know exactly how granular you can get, remember if you lock out all the cards though then no-one can buy anything on board which might make for an awkward cruise.

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