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Bermuda Excursion Review - Bermuda Triangle Nightlife Glassbottom Cruise BKU7A

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This excursion is offered several times a day with slightly different descriptions based on the time of day, but they take you to the same destination. For night time there was a 8 pm and a 10 pm scheduled for the first night my ship was in port. 

This was an extremely easy cruise excursion to walk to from King's Wharf where your ship is docked. We walked through the cruise terminal after disembarking the ship and immediately encountered a Royal Caribbean employee and a member of the Bermudan company Fantasea, Fantasea operates all of the all the Bermudan excursions offered by Royal Caribbean in Bermuda. I believe that they subcontract out with the various smaller companies that actually operate the various boats, scuba diving, snorkeling, etc. The Royal Caribbean employee was holding the sign that showed the name of the excursion and the designation for that particular tour time. I have attached a ticket stub to this post.

From there it was only a 2-3 minute walk across the parking lot to the place where the boat was located. A word of caution for Bermuda, gangplanks which are common in the United States for moving between the pier and the boat are not common. You will have to take a very minor step across into the boat, which means people in wheelchairs who cannot take a few steps should NOT take this excursion.

Once onboard there are 2 levels of the boat. The top level was covered by a tarp but you would be exposed to the elements if it rains. The lower level is completely covered. Once underway the bartender will constantly make you rum swizzlers, a very popular tourist drink that many regard as the national drink. I thought they were weak, but please consider I drink over 12 of the special mixed alcoholic beverages per day. 

You will be provided with typical Bermudian information including how Bermuda has one of the highest costs of living in the world because they have to import much of their produce and goods from the United States. The glass bottom of the boat was not opened until you reach a designated location, and then it will travel slowly with lights on to attract the various fish and other creatures. A story will be told about a ship that was purposely sunk in the area to aid in the formation of coral reefs and you can take pictures of it. 

Overall I thought the cruise excursion was average. I enjoyed it and I think someone who has never experienced a glass bottom boat ride before will find it exciting. I would not recommend it for people looking for a thrill seeking experience or those who do not like crowds, because the boat is quite packed.


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