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Booking shows for persons with mobility scooters

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I understand that you have to book your shows after your on board with the app.  My question is how do I book a show like in the theater or aqua show for a handicap spot for my scooter?  On my last cruise on Odyssey I was just able to show up and got a spot, but we were sailing at half capacity so there was plenty of room.  


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My wife is in a mobility scooter and up to current, was able to walk short distances so she was able to park and walk down a step to the last row and take a standard seat. 

Next cruise, she will not be able to do that due to reconstructive foot surgery and no weight bearing restrictions.  We plan to have her park in the accessible seating area and either staying in her scooter or transferring to a folding chair immediately next to her scooter.  Despite having preferred seating available to us, we will be sitting in the back of the 1st section 🙂 

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