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Can Oasis do a full Canada/NE 7-9 day cruise?

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We are booked on Oasis 5 days to Canada next May, New Brunswick Canada and Halifax which we absolutely LOVE both ports. 

It got my thinking can Oasis do a full 7-9 day cruise? Can Oasis dock in Boston? I'm thinking probably not on that. Can Oasis dock in Portland Maine? I would think absolutely not on Bar Harbor and tendering that many people would be a nightmare. 

Can Oasis do any combination to at least do a 7 day cruise? Just curious questions I've had. 

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4 hours ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

I haven't looked too hard at the itinerary but I know for sure Oasis does a 9 nighter to Canada/NE. Next year there is one in early August. I looked at that one but decided on Liberty for the end of August instead. I think Oasis also did a 9 nighter this year in May to Canada/NE.

Hmm I hadn't checked next year, only last year I looked and this year. Interesting info, I will check. 

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2 hours ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

Yikes! Sorry! My bad. It’s a 9 night Eastern Caribbean itinerary. Proves it did not look too closely at the itinerary at all lol

Yeah I checked, it's not. I'm more curious at what ports it can and cannot dick on this particular region. Just curiosity before it would be pretty awesome if it could do ar last a 7 night Canada/NE cruise. 

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I’m on the Oasis out of Bayonne in Sept and Oct…. 
I always keep an eye on the weather forecast because in the event of a possible hurricane, it’s possible the ship can make a last minute itinerary change and instead of heading south to Florida/Bahamas, we can end up going north to Canada/NE. I guess we would have more sea days if we didn’t have an available berth or if a port couldn’t handle our big, fat, beautiful ship!
PS…that’s a great lacking tip for these cruises; always be prepared for a cooler weather cruise. 🤔

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