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Crown & Anchor benefits on Celebrity?

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Hi, all!


My sister-in-law is turning 40 this year and looking to book a cruise for Thanksgiving to celebrate. I'm trying to subtly steer toward Royal Caribbean (partly because I want to build up my C&A status), but they are not tied to any particular line. However, one line they are looking at is Celebrity, which is owned by Royal Caribbean.


So, my question is, is there any reciprocity between Royal Caribbean's Crown & Anchor and Celebrity's Captain's Club? In other words, could I apply the nights/points from a Celebrity cruise to my C&A status?




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Yes.  The website has the conversion benefits. (I don't recall at the moment).


remember though, while Celebrity will treat you as a certian level of theirs that is equal to your RCCL level, you will NOT get RCCL points for a Celebrity sailing. (and vise-versa)

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There is reciprocation in benefits, but butt between programs. That is, they will honor your status across both lines, but points earned stay with that line. In other words, if you sail with Celebrity, they'll honor your C&A status, butt you won't earn any points/nights towards C&A. Those points will be applied towards Celebrity's program.

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