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Picture Link ( NEED HELP)

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We don't know what to do, we went on the July 2 cruise for a week, we are Latinos celebrated our daughters' fifteenth birthday( quinceaneras). We were the whole family. we spent more than $12,000, and they don't send me the photos that we take every day with different dresses
I call every Monday, we have spoken in English and Spanish, every time we call to speak with the photo department you must be on hold for 1 hour or more. I need your help this very important moment. The gentleman who attended us swore that the photos would not be lost.

Let me know what to do, I'm going to have to repeat my daughter's fifteen and that's a lot of money,



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Assuming that you had the DIGITAL photo package, they will email you the pictures in a file after your cruise.  It should go to the email that was associates with the main booking.  

if you have not already, check you spam filter for that email.

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I would search both your spam box and your generl email for the following email [email protected]

If you have gmail it may also go to your "promotions" inbox. I know when I purchased my photo package my link to the digital photos ended up there and not in my primary inbox. 

Secondly I know it is annoying but if you cannot find it you need to get in touch with some one from RCCL. I think that the photos are available for limited time. 

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