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My husband and I were supposed to go on our Alaskan honeymoon tomorrow but tested positive for COVID. The woman I spoke to from RC said all of our extras (add-ons) that we purchased will also be cancelled and refunded. We had originally bought 2 of the Alaska blankets. Now that we have rebooked for August, these blankets can no longer be purchased for our sailing. I emailed RC to see if there is something we could do. But does anyone know if there is a way around this or if perhaps they sell the blankets on board? 

Feeling kind of bummed but our new sailing has a balcony room instead of an ocean view window so its not all bad! 


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@Jordyn I am super sorry to hear about the test. Bummer.  But very glad to hear that they were able to resked for you.  Sounds like you scored an upgrade.  A balcony room on an Alaskan cruise is definitely a good thing !

As a general rule, Cruise Planner purchases are never recoverable, meaning that you cannot move those purchases to your new booking.  If the blankets are not available for your new sailing, likely you will not be able to get them through Royal. However….just b/c they’re  not showing up right now doesn’t mean they won’t show up later.  Keep checking !  

Enjoy your cruise and get well soon !

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