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Vision of the Seas out of Galveston Info


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Hello, I am new to the forums and this is my first post.  I'm really happy to have found this group and all the information!


I recently booked a 5 night Holiday sailing out of Galveston on the Vision of the Seas. It will be the first cruise for the 5 in our family ( myself, husband and 3 teenagers). I'm concerned because of the mixed reviews I'm seeing on this ship. I chose this sailing because of the port and sail date and because no one in my family has interest in the really huge ships.(strange I know) The main activity everyone seems to be interested in is seeing mayan ruins, and to have a nice family vacation. 


Im hoping for some input on my choice from experienced RC cruisers!   Also, we will be in port New Years Eve and New Years day. Will any tours be running on those days? 


Thanks for All!  Katie




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Thank you! Being products of the digital era, my kids are fascinated by "low-tech", and wanted something more traditional on a smaller ship. I just want it to be clean, safe and have decent food. Seems like a fun way to ring in the New Year!


We cruised on Vision of the Seas out of Tampa in November 2015. The ship was definitely clean and safe, and we found the food in the main dining room to be good, with some items being great. Service in the dining room was excellent. Windjammer was hit or miss for us, but we certainly didn't go hungry. We did not do any of the upcharge options. 


It definitely is a smaller ship with less to see/do on the ship, but with a 5 night sailing and your focus on the destination, you should be fine, especially since you are looking for a smaller ship experience. 

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My 3 children (12, 16 and 18) and I took our first cruise out of Tampa on Vision in 2015.  We absolutely loved it.  The smaller size made it feel more maneuverable, and there were still plenty of great restaurants and options.  The smaller size impacts the number of tens...since you are going at the holidays, your kids should be able to meet lots of friends if they want to.  Have a great time and enjoy!   Jane

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I was just on Vision 2 weeks ago in the Arabian Sea.  The ship, although showing some age is clean and welcoming.  I personally prefer the larger ships but I did not have any problem relaxing onboard.  Reviews given up to this point will have very little bearing on your cruise since none of them are for yor itinerary and crew has changed since then.  I found the crew very very friendly.  They often were the first to say good morning to you.  Food in the MDR was excellent but the menu seemed to lack a lot of beef options.  Once again, probably due to the ship's location.  There was no lobster night either, but we were told that they do not do that outside of the US and Canada.


Go in open-minded and you will have a great time.  She is clean, safe and fun.

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