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  1. Vision OTS. Maybe it goes there because it's a smaller ship?
  2. Hello again and this is my second post to this forum. Thanks for the helpful answers to my questions. I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this question so moderators please repost/delete as necessary. My family will be sailing to Cozumel/Yucatan over the New Years Holiday. Cozumel on Dec 31, Yucatan on Jan 1. We are hoping to be able to go to either Chitin Itza or Uxmal from Progresso but those shore excursions haven't been posted yet. I know i'm looking really early but I'm concerned they won't be running them as it will be New Years day. Any insight into this? Thanks again-Katie
  3. Thanks everyone for the info!! Very helpful and reassuring!
  4. Thank you! Being products of the digital era, my kids are fascinated by "low-tech", and wanted something more traditional on a smaller ship. I just want it to be clean, safe and have decent food. Seems like a fun way to ring in the New Year!
  5. Hello, I am new to the forums and this is my first post. I'm really happy to have found this group and all the information! I recently booked a 5 night Holiday sailing out of Galveston on the Vision of the Seas. It will be the first cruise for the 5 in our family ( myself, husband and 3 teenagers). I'm concerned because of the mixed reviews I'm seeing on this ship. I chose this sailing because of the port and sail date and because no one in my family has interest in the really huge ships.(strange I know) The main activity everyone seems to be interested in is seeing mayan ruins, and to have a nice family vacation. Im hoping for some input on my choice from experienced RC cruisers! Also, we will be in port New Years Eve and New Years day. Will any tours be running on those days? Thanks for All! Katie
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