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Cape Liberty Bayonne Earliest Time for Entry for unvaccinated children needing covid antigen test for July 8, 2022

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Hi All,

I have a cruise leaving out of Cape Liberty Bayonne on 7/8/22 on Oasis of the Seas.  I currently have a check-in time of 11am with a daughter that is only 3, so she needs a covid antigen test.  How early will they let me in?  I wanted to get on boat ASAP to book activities and was thinking of going to the terminal at 1030am, but I read on other messages that they are pretty strict on times for check-in at Cape Liberty Bayonne.  Has anybody been able to check-in and get the test early than 11am?  I heard it can take up to an hour to get results and there is no cellphone reception to receive results.

thanks for any help,

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I have not had trouble with cell phone coverage at the terminal (AT&T). We have a 10:30 assigned check in on the 8th, and bilevel that is the earliest aviabile for the 'common' folk.  Post COVID it has been hit or miss on the early arrivals at CL, we have had some luck in the 20-30 min early range, but other time turned away.  My take is it can't hurt to try, worst  thing that can happen is they tell you 'no'


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We sailed on 6/17 from Cape Liberty on Oasis with an unvaccinated 3 year old as well. We had 11am boarding times, but to be honest, I don't even know if anyone was checking boarding times. We arrived around 10:30 and it was just a massive line of people. Eventually, someone went around and split the lines up - one line for families with kids under 12 (didn't matter if vaccinated or not), and one line for anyone without kids under 12. That seemed to work to get the line moving, but I really don't think they checked boarding times. My father-in-law had a 12:30 check in time, and he was with 3 other adults all with 11am, but he was still able to board with them. 

When waiting for results, we had no problem getting service (we have verizon). I refreshed my email every 5 min or so, and within a minute or so of getting the email, I also got a text saying the results were ready. Even if you miss the email, I believe they had employees calling out names when results were in if you hadn't seen the email.

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