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Celebrity Reservation Details not Complete?

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Just made my first Celebrity reservation in several years so the website is a bit different from Royal.

I booked one of the drink packages, Indulge, which provides WiFi, OBC and Premium drinks.  The confirmation summary only lists the OBC under packages, on hold with Celebrity but has anyone else noticed this?  Thanks.

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I assume you got this sorted out Keiffer-b ..... Celebrity has the worst, least understandable way to confirm OBC (refundable and non-refundable), packages and perks that are included in "everything included."  Does not matter if you book with Celebrity direct or through an agent. The invoices are in code that is hard to sort out. You're not alone and I've sailed almost exclusively with Celebrity since 2001.

I've been told these obscure codes are used in their reservations platforms that are then transmitted to billing. The codes fit on a line item that I am told allows them to separate charges in ways that then permits more detailed analysis of income and expenses. Codes - the type that are used to build programs - are a bitch to change once the systems, e.g., accounting and booking, are set up to talk to each other. 

Here's an example for a booking I have on Equinox in September of this year:

Promotions Applied


There's a separate section for OBCs that's a bit clearer but it still can be confusing. Over the years, I've learned the codes. It's like learning a second language!

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Thanks @JeffBI phoned again and a nice Celebrity person emailed me a guest-copy of my invoice which did indicate all the inclusions.  Agreed, their verbiage/codes are a pain.  Their website is so much better than Royal's but not displaying everything is a miss.  Have a good week!

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