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Deluxe Beverage Package - Seapass Account

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Tried to search, but couldn't get the results refined enough to find if this had been asked before.

If you have the Deluxe Beverage Package, does each alcoholic drink you order show up on your Seapass account, just at $0.00? (I understand if the drink is over $13 there would be a charge for the drink.) The end game would be to see how many total drinks were ordered at the end of the week. 


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18 hours ago, Ksucat said:

Yes, mine did, but after we got off the ship, they were all gone from the account. I counted them the night before.


The final bill in fact even the one they may or may not deliver to your cabin on the last night, will only show actual charges or credits.

Also at times when the bars are busy and they know you and that you have a package they may skip or forget to log that drink in.

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