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The couple we are going with got an email from Bermuda saying we don't have to D/L our neg covid test to them. I did not get any email saying such anyone else going soon get any email like that. It used to be easy to cruise.

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We just returned from a Bermuda trip.  You have to have the Bermuda Travel Authorization before you can board the ship.  You need to go to the Bermuda
Covid site and fill out the form which includes uploading your proof of vaccination, pay $40 per person and send it in.  They will send you an email verifying that they received it and it has a link to go back to the form and upload your proof of negative covid test.   They are supposed to send you your Travel Authorization that you electronically sign.  You will then have a pdf that you can download.   I had to call the afternoon before the cruise and wait nearly an hour before talking to someone who then sent our approved TAs.  There were people standing out in the rain at the port on boarding day on hold waiting to talk to Bermuda to get their TAs sent to them.  Be proactive.

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Keeping in mind that things can and usually do change during these Covid times…..

I filled out the Bermuda Health form and paid the ‘non-refundable’ fee. Two days before boarding day, I received an email from Bermuda Health advising me that some of my documentation was missing. In the email was a link that would issue me a provisional certificate that would allow me to board the ship. Then, upon arriving in Bermuda, I would need to provide the missing documentation (negative test result) to them prior to entering Bermuda. 

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A Negative COVID Test is REQUIRED to board the ship.

Please have your test in hand along with your Vaccine Certificate.

As of May 21 you are NO LONGER required to UPLOAD your Pre-Test result - You just have to have it AVAILABLE TO SHOW during Check In along with this Authorization.

What is an accepted Test?
Supervised ANTIGEN up to 2 days before embarkation OR COVID-19 NAAT test (PCR, LAMP or TMA) up to 4 days before embarkation.

I understand that I will not be allowed to disembark in Bermuda if: I test positive for COVID -19 after embarkation OR I do not have a negative COVID-19 test results in accordance with the test requirements set out by Bermuda at https://www.gov.bm/cruise-travel-authorisation.


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