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Upgrade Preferences CAS Benefit Grid

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The fine print of the updated Crown and Anchor society benefit grid includes a link (in red below) to an upgrade preferences site.  Not sure if this was always there or not but the link does not appear to go anywhere.

Emerald, Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club members will receive welcome waters & a snack on day ("welcome amenity") one of their sailing. These items will be placed in the guest's stateroom. In addition, Emerald, Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club members can go online to RoyalCaribbean.com/UpgradePreferences or call one of our Loyalty Representatives (RoyalCaribbean.com/ContactLoyalty) in their local offices to pre-select from a list of beverages to be included with their welcome waters & snack. One beverage can be selected per guest 18 years of age or older. Preferences must be entered or updated for your upcoming cruise vacation up to 5 days before a US based sailing and 7 days for an internationally based sailing. The beverage selection list for Emerald and Diamond members will include water, juice and soda items. In addition to the previous list Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club members can select from a more expanded list of beverages. If a guest has not selected an item then bottled water will be sent to the stateroom. House alcoholic brands may be substituted or changed, and are subject to availability.



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The link used to work in the distant past but was deactivated during one of the system "enhancements". You have to call now (or, potentially, you could try sending an e-mail, although it would probably be a while before you get an answer).

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Thank you for this. I was wondering as well. Our first two cruises with RC, we were upgraded to the room category above ours (balcony to a junior suite, and inside to outside ocean view, respectively) but this was before the "upgrade preferences" in C&A. I'm sure with the influx of people on cruises and the RoyalUp I keep seeing that complimentary upgrades are essentially unheard of, but I would like to know how to set those preferences anyway in case we get lucky.

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