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Flights are booked


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It's getting real folks!  Flights are booked (got to use Skymiles for everyone), Pre-cruise hotels booked, rental car booked from airport to hotel/port and from port to airport.  Our first night pre-cruise hotel is the night before our flight and we can keep our vehicles there and they will shuttle us to airport and then the other hotel will be in Orlando and we booked two 2-bedroom suites using my son-n-law's points.  There are 9 of us going so it takes some planning to get everything organized.  Needless to say, we are all getting super excited.  This will be the first cruise for my four Grands, and it will be the first airplane ride for 2 of them. 


Now we just need to start looking at all the excursions.... :)

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Nice! Which ship and itinerary?


As someone who travels with 6 people, I would say try not to overbook yourself.

Oasis on July 16th.  I am a planner (so is my son-n-law)!  I like to know that everything is booked and organized so that when it's vacation time, I can truly relax and enjoy myself.  I am NOT a "fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants" person at all! LOL...

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