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We are staying in a hotel in Galveston the night before our cruise. Does Galveston have a cab service? and/or does it allow Uber or Lyft?  (a way to get to the port basically!).


Also - what time do you usually go to the Port in Galveston? (Liberty of the Seas)


Would love to know any places we should eat/see while in Galveston!

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GetMe.com is the only rideshare company licensed to operate in Galveston. I have arrived as early as 9:45 am. Boarding typically starts around 11:00 am but can be later. This post may be helpful:


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Ukulele: Did the Galvez have a 2 night minimum?  I have been trying to make reservations online, but it says no available rooms.  When I put in for 2 nights the rooms are amazingly available.

Ukulele.... we found the hotel online about 6 months ago, and it let us do just one night (saturday). Its the Best Western Plus Galveston Suites. Its not located as close to the port as many of the hotels.

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