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I was wondering the same thing BillHoo. I'm booked for a cruise on June 17th, arriving at Bermuda on the 19th. So far the number of excursions showing on my cruise planner are very minimal. My husband and I took the same cruise 10 years ago and there many, many more excursion to choose from. I'm hoping more will be added as we get closer, but I'm starting to think it's not going to happen and that Bermuda itself will be very crowded.

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I'm on Anthem on June 22nd as well - I'm not planning on partaking in any of the America's cup facilities... I'm hoping it won't be too crowded. I rented a scooter and am planning on scooting over to Horseshoe bay and then going around Hamilton a bit before going back to the ship. Any guesses as to whether or not it'll be a zoo on the island as far as crowds go?? 

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I see that the Americas Cup Village appears to be within maybe 40 minutes walk of the Kings Wharf where Anthem will be docked.


I'll be adventuring with my wife and 80 year old mother.  Considering the very limited window of maybe 8 hours before the boat leaves...


My plan is to:

- Have breakfast on ship and pack a few light sandwiches, fruit and snack items in my cooler bag with a frozen gel pack.

- Grab a cab and go to Somerset and wander a few shops, take a few pics.  BUY A BOTTLE OF THE LOCAL RUM.  Goslings.

- Lunch at a local establishment with eye on having Bermudian fish chowder and fried fish sandwiches.

- Hop the bus back toward the wharf, but stop along Lagoon Road to meander over to the Americas cup village, take on the sights of the entertainment, buy a few souvenirs related to the race.

- Bus back to Kings Wharf and visit the rumcake factory, sample a few and maybe buy a couple.

- Check out a few shops for trinkets before getting in line to hop back on the ship.

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