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Oasis Class Suite Prices?


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Suite prices on the O class range considerably.  There are 3 categories of Suites : Star, Sky and Sea classes.  The Sea class consists only of the Junior Suites.  The amenities for Sea class suites are somewhat limited.


Sky Class Suites are: Grand Balcony, Superior Grand Balcony (no idea what this one is !) Royal Family Balcony, Owner's, Crown Loft,  1 BR Aqua Theater


Star Class Suites are:  Royal Loft, Owner's Loft, Grand Loft, 4 BR Family, Sky Loft, 2 BR Aqua Theater


The range of amenities with the different categories are varied.  Star Class has the most (including the Genie), Sky Class is in the middle and Sea Class has only a couple of amenities.  Go to royalcaribbean.com/royalsuiteclass for the details.


Would need to know which level of amenities you are looking for in order to advise you re: price.  Obviously, the Star Class Suites are the most expensive and they go VERY quickly.  There are only a handful of such suites on any ship and they are very popular.


I have booked 2 Star level suites but have not yet cruised in them.  Base price on these 2 cruises were $5549/PP and $5713/PP.  Both are on Harmony and were booked more than a year in advance.  Both are western Caribbean 7 night cruises.  These are BASE prices before any kind of discount/promo was added...and you will never pay this [full] price.


I have not booked a Sky Level room on an O class yet (not since the Royal Suite Class Program has been going). They cost less but also include fewer perks.


It's all about what you want to spend and what level of perks you want !

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While I was only on my first cruise about a week ago our little family of four was very comfortable on the Royal Family Suite on Vision. It was like a little apartment on the ship...and the amenities and perks are what MADE the cruise. Nothing beat the private concierge in the concierge lounge, and we met our comrades and they put us in the front of the line so no waiting ever---I am already looking into our next suite booking and I would take at least Sky class --- just my two cents

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We are going on the Oasis in June in a Jr. Suite.  With diamond discounts and signing up while on our last cruise we are paying $4700 for two.  The shorter drive to Port Canaveral and the itinerary is why we chose the Oasis. If three out of the five are small kids you might be able to squeeze them in to a Jr Suite but I wouldnt do it myself.  Might want to look into connecting rooms.

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