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Where are all the excursions???

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I seek the knowledge of those more experienced!

We have a cruise booked to the Western Caribbean over Christmas (it's our first Christmas cruise because I decided to be lazy for the holiday with the cooking). However, there are hardly any excursions listed. There is nothing for Costa Maya (stopping there 26 December) and only one for Cozumel (stopping there 29 December). Is this because of the holiday? Or maybe something else? Should I expect excursions to show up later? If this is all I can expect, will private companies be available during this time? We really want to see some ruins (one of the reasons we are going to the Western Caribbean).  Thanks so much!


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We booked a cruise for this June last July and had booked a couple excursions. Without notice they ended up cancelling them about 2-3 months later. I'm assuming it's covid related with one reason or another. I've seen more added (and some subtracted) as we have gotten closer to our cruise this month but still not a significant amount of options. 

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If you want to see some *potential* excursions, you can download the brochure for your ship: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/beforeyouboard/shoreExcursions/downloadBrochure/

Just don't get too attached to any of them in case they're not offered or cancelled. But depending on restrictions and your travel party at that time, you might see something you like and be able to book a similar tour with an independent operator offering the same or similar excursion.

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12 hours ago, BowTieBrigade said:

@bryresangelWhat boat are you on? We are also sailing western Caribbean over Christmas (on Allure, I believe). I’m assuming the lack of excursions is due to the sailing being 11 months out and they will be populated as we get closer to sailing. 

We are on the Serenade. 

Thanks everyone for the advice. I was worried about so few options, but I feel better now.

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