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Elimination of Dynamic Dining - Effective on Anthem 11/27/2016

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I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on the elimination of Dynamic Dining on the Anthem of the Seas effective with the November 27, 2016 sailing.


The deck four restaurants, American Icon and Silk, will become MTD, with a single check-in station in the hallway, and guests will be sorted to one or the other depending on availability. The deck three restaurants, Grande and Chic, will become standard first or second seating with assigned tables. The venues will remain the same physically, but the menus at all four will be the same. Apparently, the changes will start showing up in Cruise Planner in the next few weeks for sailings on or after November 27, 2016.

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I'm on the Anthem in december aswell (9th). I haven't tried dynamic yet so I don't know what I'm missing. Classic would of been our option though, we like having the same wait staff.

One thing I tend to gripe about that I'm going to do again now is not having a traditional dining room.

I like the large grand looking dining room with the large chandelier, open traditional concept. I was very disappointed on the Allure to have it broken up into sub dining rooms, it just felt like I was in a restaurant and not a dining room. I associate the large 'dining room' with cruising, not restaurants.

Without having that experience I'd rather just go to the windjammer, their food is good for diner and we can do it when ever we want.

Without that experience we love I don't see the point in spending over a hour to eat.

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