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The Key/Embarkation Day


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Hello all,

Wife talked me into purchasing the Key for our October trip in 3 months. Normally, I would have passed, but we got it for around 19.99 per person and I figured the cost of the internet alone made it a good deal. 


Does anyone (Matt ?) happen to know what happens to some of the perks that come with the Key since embarkation times will be set now? I was hoping to board early, but I don't think that will happen now. I just received an email informing us that we set sail 2 hours later now due to new rules. Do we just miss out on some of the perks or will they make it up some other way? Is there even a way to find out??




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Since the restart, they haven't been selling the Key. The original perks are lunch on day 1, priority for arrival,seating, activities, and disembarkment. Most of that becomes moot on the current sailings. There is little need as there really isn't priority embarkment because the sailings are reduced capacity. Maybe by Oct things will change but I doubt it. Imho sailings will still be quite reduced by then, I sail in Oct and was told to expect 50- ish percent capacity. I brought the Key for my Jan 22' sailings but will probably cancel as I believe sailings will still be reduced capacity.........day 1 chops lunch and internet is not worth $23+ a day.

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