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Alaskan Cruises

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I thought I would check out some pricing on Cruises to Alaska for 2017 or 2018 in September and found that balcony prices for two were very expensive, but when I accidentally selected September 2016 I found the price to be $2000.00 less.


If I was able to swing this in short notice I would but WOW what savings if you could sail.



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Balconies are at a premium in Alaska and definitely worth the splurge. We had the same predicament in Norway. We opted to give up the balcony there as the savings paid for our next cruise and instead viewed the fjords from the helicopter deck.

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May and September are considered the two off months to sail to Alaska. It is much colder, raining in most ports, just a little bit uncomfortable. The premium months are June, July and August and you always pay more for whatever category you are choosing. I have sailed to Alaska five times, twice in May, once in September, once in June and August. You can still get a good price savings by sailing the first week of September and the last week of May. Still will encounter cold and wet but not as much. May and September sailings also have the problem of not being able to completely sail into whatever Straits you are cruising, two of my cruises we turned around because the ship couldn't get in because of bad weather. My cruise in June, I got to see the glaciers calving, which was amazing.


A friend just returned from a middle of June Alaska cruise and said that they wore jackets or raincoats the whole cruise. It was cold and wet. Still had an amazing time but it is Alaska.

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