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Scuba/Snorkel at CoCo Cay


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Is there SCUBA and snorkel concessions at CoCo Cay? I don't see SCUBA as an excursion on the Perfect day at CoCo Cay planning site. But I do see on the map there is a snorkel shack or something to that effect. For the sake of saving space, i don't want to travel with SCUBA or snorkel gear. And I am going to guess (IF we get to sail March 8, 2021) there may be limitations to the Bahamas port of call and SCUBA opportunities there.

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I still see both.  

It can vary depending on what ship you are on.  If your ship doesn't have a PADI dive shop on board Scuba might not be offered.   They participate in the prep work to validate your pass and often do the dive itself. 

Snorkeling is available to everyone.  I bring my own mask, fins, snorkel so when I snorkel I just wade in and go (no charge).  I have a set of snorkel fins that are easier to pack for when I don't scuba.  If you don't want to bring your gear it is $39 for all day snorkel in November.

Scuba pricing is way up for November 2021.  Nearly $70 now.  It was ~$40 two years ago.   I use it to keep my pass active.  In the past when it was $40 it was a no brainer way to have a yearly dive in the log book.  Now at $70 it's getting too expensive - I'd rather do a proper dive on a different itinerary.  

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On 12/5/2020 at 4:51 PM, twangster said:

Maybe they are blocking these during COVID protocols.  Putting rental gear in your mouth sort of thing.

I did an Isla Mujeres tour in Cancun in August and they were offering low-quality snorkels to every passenger! We had brought our own but they were for keeps; they were only sanitizing the masks and fins between tours. Kind of a lot of waste I'd think but I could see this on snorkel excursions when cruising resumes. 

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